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Im Starting To Give Up.

what can i try ? oily skin

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 07:02 AM

Im 19 year old male and i've had acne since i left school aged 16, i've coped with it pretty well but i go through some bad spells where i just don't see the point in trying out this other product that is unlikley to work. My acne is not to bad its just the scaring that looks terrible, i still do get spots ( as i speak there is three huge whiteheads on my face :(. ) and at the moment im getting more. And to be quiet honest i really don't know why i have acne, i shower every night, wash my face every morning and night, i workout 3 times a week and my diet is ok in the sense that i dont eat takeaways every night and drink fissy drinks, i eat lots of fruit eg apples, bannas, grapes oranges and ill eat at least 3-4 a day and drink plenty of water. The most frusting part i know other people that don't do what i do yet im the one with the acne, how is that fair ? Like last weekend my skin was smooth (Although i had loads of acne scars on it and still looked aweful) no greasyness atall and no new spots. i go out on a two day piss up and the day after im left with spots everywhere, i know achohol is bad and thats a natural reaction but none of my friends wake up with half of mount everest on there face like i do.

I have really oily skin for example when i come home from work ( im a labour for carpenter) my face is really oily and degusting and people think i dont wash and im dirty which really pisses me of.So guys is the any product i can try to fade my acne scars (ive tried lemon on face and rubbing ice on face and i still do that) like cream or something.

Also is the acne regime worth it to keep my face clean, i want to buy it but im from the uk.

Please help me ive tried everything.

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 07:35 AM

I really hate seeing unanswered threads like this :(

Acne can be caused by numerous things. I had a similar situation to yourself, did everything 'right' and 'healthy' apart from the odd drink / takeaway... Whilst I watched all my friends binge, smoke, etc etc... And I was always the one with the bad skin.
I ended up putting my down to genes. Some people say this is bullsh*t, but I'm 90% that the cause for me.

As far as scars and treatment goes, what kind of scars do you have can you describe them?

I too have a manual job (painter / panel beater) with a lot of enviromental factors making you look 'dirty' and it does get you down when you know you're doing all you can to come across as 'clean' but it never looks that way.
Can be really hard some days just stopping off on the way home for petrol, but you've just got to try remember this stage is only a small portion of your life and things will get better.

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 07:03 AM

Honestly I am in completly the same situation as you, I eat MAJOUR healthy, take the right supplements etc and still nothing is working. I'm from the UK too :) I bought some of the regimen Things from shops (Cetaphil cleansers etched) but I ended up ordering dans BP from eBay. I love it its massive and worth it for the 20 I paid for it.

But I completely understand its so hard watching your friends not have to think ab

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 09:50 AM

Try Acne.org regimen. It's the best product out there and it worked so well for me. You may also try detoxification process, that is to kill all the toxins promoting acnes. A friend of mine swear by this approach. There are a few regimens out there. I found this website has some reviews from google search. http://topacnetreatmentreview.com

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 09:53 AM

Eliminate gluten, sugar, dairy and coffee from your diet. Use a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar on it twice a day after you wash. This will help tremendously with scarring and overall tone, as well as drying up blemishes. Only wash your face with room temperature water, never use a cleanser. Take vitamins A, E and fish oil. Drink lots and lots of pure water (not out of plastic) and eliminate your exposure to toxins (alcohol, smoke, etc.). Make sure you're sleeping well.

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 08:06 AM

Ok, I HAD to write you this. I am completely new to this forum but I want people to hear my story and hopefully it will change everyones life. I'm a 28 year old female. Ive suffered from fairly moderate acne since i was ....12? It was miserable. I always had what seemed to be bumps, and blocked pores all over my face. Never really had cystic acne to bad. Maybe just a couple at a time. But as for a bumpy face, there were weeks where litteraly every square inch of my face had a bump. I wouldn't even go out some days. Not to mention my face seemed to scar and leave red marks even if I didn't touch my breakouts (which I wasn't always so good at doing shhhh). Well, at 28 years old, I had tried almost EVERYTHING, and I mean this litteraly. Everything from my diet, to hollistic to lasers, to potent creams and pills. So many thing I thought were going to be 'the cure'. So many things took my 'bumps' down to half of what I had on my face, but after months of each thing, it was still only half as good. I dealt with this again for years, having a half broke out face. I was thrilled and accepted it because I could at least have a little more confidence. Besides everyone always says 'stick it out, it takes quite awhile to work'. But after six months of just about every product known to man, I noticed no improvements, I was just stuck with this I thought. I started to feel down, over the past year my mood just sank. I started becoming depressed that at 28 years old, I still had to cake my face in makeup. I had to have my kids always ask why my face has "boo boos" all over it. Hearing my kids tell me they hope they don't look like me, was heart breaking. No doctor, no tv commercial, no.amount of research... nothing was helping. So, in order to at least try and fix one new problem I started researching natural ways to boost my mood and energy. I somehow stumbled upon vitamin d deficiancy and also krill oil. I started taking the emegen-c vitamin d and calcium drink packets....and Dr. Mercolas krill oil (one kids, yes kids lol, pill in the a.m. and one at night). My mood started to drastically change, I was ecstatic enough about that. But another thing I noticed, LITTERALY the next morning, was that many of my bumps were going down. I thought eh, this is coincidence. But the next day, more went down, then the next and the next and the next day, more and more. I thought no way, this is to good to be true. Well, as I'm sitting here, writing this this a.m. I looked in the mirror this morning, and I have, here again I use this word litteraly!! Have three breakouts on my face. My red scars are amazingly reduced, (and the lemon trick for scars really does help, slowly, but surely). I am thrilled, I am beyond words to describe how I feel now. All I can say is PLEASE research the benefits of vitamin d and krill oil. Both of those suppliments cannot! be over taken though, I only use 1,000 iu of vitamin d and 320 mg of krill oil. Anymore than that can be dangerous. Krill oil can actually help modify the acne gene in your dna. It's ridiculously amazing. Vitamin d helps control the hormone that makes you have the acne inflammation. Please just research this. It's been 16 years since I've seen my skin like this.

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