Bad Chest And Back Acne, Has Turned To Moderate Mouth / Lip Acne.

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for years growing up I had severe back and chest acne, i am now 24 and the issue has seemed to go away for the most part—benzoyl 10% worked well once i stuck to it. But in recent months while the back and chest / body has disappeared i have been getting routine cystic zits on and around my lips.

i stopped using benzoyl on my face, (6%) because it would severely dry out my skin. i have a mild case of exima around my body so the benzoyl, and also Peter thomas roth (salycic 2% face wash) would cause the same redness > dry skin. the only thing that doesnt dry me up is st ives, or generic exfoliant with salcylic acid. But this doesnt seem to be working in regards to my mouth.

any ideas? if someone tells me that benzyol is my best option then i will go cop the 3% and hope for the best, but ide like some advice. thanks.

i would say its 1x a week i have a problem zit(s) Edited by jbrothchild

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If it is very concentrated around the mouth area, it may be perioral dermatitis which looks like acne. Sometimes your skin develops a sensitivity to both sulfates and fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash. The skin in your mouth is very absorbent and exposed to the ingredients in your dental products and can get easily irritated by a formulation change in your toothpaste.

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