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Posted 18 January 2013 - 11:35 AM

so, as I said in my previous post, I quit the diet, a long time ago.

I transferred back to public school and continued eating their crappy lunches.

I've found that I can completely avoid breakouts if I drink at least 3/4 gallon of water per day and take 4 of these probiotic pills (SyntolAMD), and avoid sugar, dairy, greasy foods, and sexual activity.

I have acne on my forehead, around lips, that area from the lips to the jawline, on the jawline, and on my neck, occasionally one or two between my eyebrows.

based on my personal experience and research I believe these are the causes for each:

forehead - dehydration
around the lips - sugar
lips to jawline - dehydration/irregularity (colon)
jawline - sexual activity
neck - candida infection (so sugar, dehydration and irregularity would all be contributing factors)

I did at one point get 3 white heads on my cheek, but they never came back. based on my research that's supposed to be from allergic reaction to something (dairy is a popular one)

I haven't found gluten to cause breakouts, but I have noticed it making me gassy. or that could just be eating too fast.

so yeah, I'm trying to follow that now, my breakouts had almost stopped until I had the pizza for lunch yesterday, and the breaded cheese sticks the day before that.

they do have a (hot dog bun sized) sub sandwich though too, so I should grab that more.

I called in sick today because of the breakouts caused by my lunch for the past two days

I feel like just accepting that I have acne would be giving up. although I haven't thought about my acne lately because I was addicted to this game sorta like world of warcraft, but I've since deleted all my stuff in it and deleted my account. I feel so pathetic and like I'm wasting my life away in that game, but I'm also so motivated in the game to level up and stuff, I think its because everything's so straightforward, unlike real life.

you know that feeling you get when you feel a breakout coming on? I don't know about anyone else, but it really effects my mood. it'll make me extra self conscious, like I would do anything to be home, in my bed and hide under the covers. and obviously it makes me more depressed and all that "why me?" feeling sorry for myself crap.

I'm definitely glad I transferred back to public school. but lol idk if I'm so glad about quitting that game. I actually originally got acne while playing that game, I would play it all day and forget about drinking water or anything and I also had really bad posture from sitting in front of the computer all the time.

now I question if I should use that game as a way to occupy my time while I cure my acne. but I know it would be much better if I worked on homework, working out (I'm skinny/weak), and producing music, I already invested $200 some in a mic and preamp.

oh and I haven't found any correlation between acne and physical activity for me.

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Posted 28 November 2013 - 11:57 AM

I just looked at progress photos closely. It looks like my skin definitely got less irritated and tamed down quite a bit. I stopped the diet and never made it to Day 7. I'm going to try just taking a lot of probiotics and eat and live healthy. See what happens... I've got to get rid of this so I can just move on...

Hi, I was wondering what food are am I not suppose to consume? Also what are the face protocols that i must take at day and night? Thank you for your time :)