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Recently I have read about this new product called BIOS Clinical Acne System which uses BP in combination with a topical probiotic. I think that it is called Streptococcus Thermopiles. This strain of bacteria is found in yogurt, i think a lot stronger in greek yogurt. My question is if anyone has tried this and had results? Its fairly new so i don't expect a lot of people to respond. But after reading the yogurt mask reviews on this site, and looking into the topic a bit, it seems promising. I know this wouldn't be getting to the ROOT of acne like hormones, candida, leaky gut, insulin spikes, clogged liver, etc.... but it would make sense to fight the acne bacteria (or is it demodex? i never know) with a good bacteria right at the source on your skin. It would be nice if anyone could share what they know about this product at all. On the BIOS site, there are testimonials and success stories but there are hardly any and no negative feedback.


btw, i am not endorsing this product at all, I'm just curious

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