Strange Redness On Right Cheek Only

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I've only had acne for about a year, starting with very very mild acne and slowly worsening to moderate. I started breaking out at 23 years old, which I think was mainly due to stress, hormones, and possibly a build of bacteria/yeast in my body. It was only until pretty recently that I developed this horrific redness on the side of my face. When I first start getting acne, it was NOT looking like this at all. It was always on my right side or chin, sometimes forehead too... but usually just regular pimples. I never understood why it was persistant on my right side though. As it started to get worse, I started breaking out in other places a lot too... but most recently (for the past 2 and 1/2 months) I've noticed this redness that will be worse and some days, and completely refuses to heal. The last time my face was not red on the right side was probably the end of March. I really have no idea what this is! I've never had this problem, and it is making the acne look worse than it actually is. The left side of my face is completely clear besides a few dark spots from previous acne. Same with my forehead, and chin as well. It is ONLY the right side that looks like this. It seems to be more red in the morning, and it flakes off and gets irritated very easily. Wearing make up has become pretty difficult because of this. I know for a fact that it is not just acne because it is persistant on this one side, and no where else. I also notice that I get red bumps that don't hurt at all but stay on my skin for weeks or months. I also notice that I've been getting some whiteheads on that side as well... but just these little whiteheads that suddenly appear. Has anyone experienced this or know what it might be? I've heard that Oil of Oregano supplements can help so I will be taking them soon. Especially because taking probiotics have helped calm my acne down, so perhaps it is a bacterial rash of some kind?

If anyone can help please do! I was already stressed about my skin having pimples, now this rash is making the situation so much worse for me. I never could have imagined my skin looking like this in a million years.

And just so everyone knows:

I ONLY sleep on my left side due to fear of making it worse
I ONLY talk on my phone on speaker or on my left side
I change pillowcases often
I have very short hair so it has nothing to do with hair in my face
I don't rest my hands on my face at all, or use anything that would irritate it

I use an Aloe Vera Gel moisturizer (made with real Aloe Vera) with 1 or 2 drops of jojoba oil
and I only wash my face with water, or an extremely gentle cleanser if I wore make up

I wear the same exact make up that I've been wearing since high school, and at this point I only wear it once or twice a week at the most. I used to wear this make up every day just a few months ago, and NEVER broke out with this type of acne. Please help!!

The second picture is the right side... really irritated and bad
The first is the left side... completely different!!!

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Diet.. Diet... The only cure.

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oh my... plz do see a derma. coz it might be more than just acne. also an obgyne for possible PCO

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