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Acne Or Folliculitis ?

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Hello All,

I have uploaded pictures below. I have had this problem for 8 weeks and condition continues to get worse and the bacteria is spreading.
My GP thought it was fungal, but my Dermatologist believe it could be Folliculitis and Rosea Pityriasis. My buttocks and thighs are VERY pruritic (itching) - I do not sleep very well at night due to itch.

Mainly Buttocks and Thigh, I now have some similar Spots on my Scrotum which I believe the bacteria has spread to. I am being treated by the NHS in the UK, but waiting times are long to see Dermatologist.

Here is what I have tried so far, with prescriptions from my GP and Dermatologist.

[b]Erythromycin[/b] 2 week anti-biotic course. I finished this 1 week ago, the Spots did reduce, but they are now flatter and look more like rashes

[b]Fucibet Cream [/b](Fusidic Acid & Betamethasone) - I have used a lot of this cream for 3 weeks on the Spots, but I'm not sure if it works. The Spots have reduced in size, but the bacteria continues to spread. I am not sure.

[b](Corticosteroid) Betamethasone Valerate[/b] w/w 0.1% topical steroid cream - this is good for controlling itch, sometimes I can not sleep without putting this cream on because the itch is so intense. However it does leave my skin feeling tingly and sensitive.

[b](Anti-histamine tablet) Fexofenadine Hydrochloride 360mg[/b] Once a day - I have taken these for 8 weeks. They are good at releiving itch symtoms.

[b]Dermol 500 [/b]- this is a antimicrobial emollient & moisturiser, I use this instead of soap in the shower, and I apply to skin once or twice a day.

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