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Bryan's Miracle Accutane Log! 16 Male

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Posted 19 April 2012 - 07:56 PM

My name is Bryan.
I'm 16. 160lb. 6'1. I take 60mg of Claravis (Accutane) once per day.

Products I use:
If i have to pop a whitehead, I use a sterizlied needle, wash my face after I pop, and put neosporin on the pimple.
Cetaphil Wash
Cetaphil Lotion w/ SPF 15
Epiduo spot treatment on the occasional cyst I would get. (3 Since I've started)

Week 1 & 2.5 (Day 17):

Sceptical about the dreaded IB, I did some research and really worried myself. The first week, I broke out with numerous tiny tiny whiteheads, and I thought that it would only get worse. Well it didn't. They faded as quickly as they appeared, but new whiteheads would replace them day by day. Face really dry and flakey, though I moisturize daily. Very fatigued. By day 4 I was experiencing severe back pain, as I started on 60mg a day. My lips were extremely chapped by day 4, but vaseline + using vitamin E on my lips did the trick. I slowly began to clear up, and redness from the previous Epiduo I've been using for 2 years began to fade into a pinkish accutane-related redness. (better). A rare side effect, I got was mood swings. I would be really sad, talking to my girlfriend about her moving away for college. Almost felt like I spiraled into depression, and this kind of shifted into anger throughout the school day. In between class periods, a student bumped my shoulder, and I through my books on the ground and raised my hands into the air. I knew it was the accutane, but by day 5 this was gone. Week two was smooth. Back pain was still present, and I began to clear up really nicely. Skin tone started to even out.

Photos from day 1-



Photos from day 17-




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