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Am I Hopeless?

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Posted 10 April 2012 - 05:11 PM

Thanks! Who is the darkman?
If your scars are moderate, I think you can get rid of them, or improve them more easily. And if you are a guy, I don't think you should suffer that much anyway (not that anyone should). There are guys here with severe scars, but they're guys so they get what they want just like every other guy. At least in my country (Romania), and from my experience, guys are socially allowed to have all sorts of things on their faces. Only girls are supposed to look like dolls.
And about the killing of self thing, nobody should kill themselves. But I understand and I don't blame those that did it, because they only did it to end their suffering.
Don't worry, we're probably lucky. It's 2012, if no intervention worked yet, something new will come up really soon.
Please stop being sad.

I really feel for you, the desperation is very recognisable. I recently stopped college because of the same reason. Everything from relationship, going out with friends ,swimming and sometimes going outside is hard. I am 24 now, all my dreams seem lost.

I sometimes feel like the darkman, only difference is that the scarring in my face and on my body is moderate. I have been in and out of depression, panic and stress, I have been suicidal twice and it came close the last time.

It is hard to be understood and people who try to comfort me often do more damage because it feels like denial. Psychologist can help, it can also bring out a conflict and it very much depends on the person. Now I am doing better, I am making music and that is really a comfort to me, a replacement. Every night I go out running and I might pick up swimming again. I go out with friends when it's dark because the light doesn't reveal the scarring as bad. (sport is the best anti-depressant) I have read everything from buddhism until psychology and am strengthening myself. When I don't want to go out, I stay at home and live from a social benefit.

I am on this site nearly every two days, just to check if there is a new scar treatment. I also cannot believe there isn't a cure with all the modern day technology, and sure within 5 years something in the line of hydrogel, stemcells and scareless healing is going to come. I hate it how dermatologist sometime's go for your money, although some are really good at what they do, they are rare.

The scarring started when I was 19, acne started before that. I have saved some money and am going to do a scar treatment (Recell) by Dr Khan. I have no idea if I am going to waste all my savings or if it truly works. But it gives me a lot of hope.

I really feel sorry for you and wish you the best of luck in the coming years. I you wish to talk, there is little I can't handle or already haven't heard. The feeling of being disfigured is really hard and I believe your going trough a dark time. No one should kill themselfs over a skin condition or the mental stress coming from a skin condition. Maybe seeking help isn't such a bad idea, it might get you some kind of recognition and help.

It's really time some kind of treatment came out.

Yeah you are probably muuuuch better off than you think.In our lifetime, it is more than likely that they will develop technology to fix scars. Just hang in their and look up some top doctors and surgeons who can assist you.

That'd better be the truth. lol

This is killing me. I stopped going to college because of my scars, they are really, really severe and deep. I look disfigured. I don't know what to do and I don't have money either, so I'm contemplating suicide. And today I realized that it's pretty much hopeless because even the most invasive interventions (like dermabrassion or phenol chemical peels) wouldn't do much for me, even a plastic surgeon said this in a forum. He said that deep acne scars are truly difficult to treat, and improvement is not certain, and it's expensive and the more invasive a procedure is the more possible it is to do more damage than good. And restylane didn't help me, I tried it and it my skin just absorbed it all. I also tried self-needling and subcision, neither helped at all, it made the edges worse actually. Right now I don't think anything could help me.
Worst thing of all, my sister is not very supportive, she tells me to just get over it and go to a psychologist. This might make people who read this think that the scars aren't that severe, but they are. And they're all over my face, and really deep and wide, like I was attacked by a dog. I don't have an area on my face that isn't severely scarred. I'm a girl and I think my life is ruined, which is really pathetic because I didn't even live yet, I didn't even get my first real kiss yet (I'm 20).
Sorry for the rant, I'm really sorry. I just thought maybe I should post my feelings in a place where other people can perhaps relate to me and maybe offer me some advice or something. I won't post pictures to prove how bad my situation is.

hey man, dont give up hope, just think how damn sad the people who love will feel if you took your own life . They would pretty much end up hating you because they would think you were beening selffish! they care for you and love you for you to do that to yourself is totally wrong.

let me tell you some of the new techonolgly reguarding scar reversion and some of the research that is currently implace,
be pathences and until those are developed.

the stuff that they are developing are spray on skin, or even syntestic skin used for burn victims but are able to be use for scaring to face and body,
they also developing 3d modeling skin printers thats able to print skin and collegen into scars.
stem cell scar reversion research
new lazers thats only made to strip the damage layer of skin off and also spray new skin on while its strips the damage skin off,
nano robotics that is so small its able to go into scars to release the scar tissues so your scars will level with your skin with out causing damage to healthy skins only targets scars
not only that they are prefecting all the other older treatments so it can be 100% instead of risky operation.
face transplant Posted Image pretty soon they would be able to skin graft your own skin to replace your damage one

just wait a few years you'll see how much can change, remember back in the 1992, computers werent even coloured they were black and white or VGA xD, 20 years now can you imagen ?

you have number of options if your scars is bad sure u cant get a day job what about a night job? i got pretty bad scaring mannage to get a night secrutiy job where im just by my self, THE WHOLE night which is pretty cool theirs an option for you to save money for your treatment
but my advice to you is to stay in school graduate and get a good paying job so focus on your study
and build that money up so you can get treatment

Hey, thanks!
I already gave up on college last year. I know I should have stayed but I just couldn't.
The innovations you talked about, I hope they'll be available as soon as they can. Thanks for the information!

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Posted 10 April 2012 - 05:21 PM

Dermabrasion and regular CO2 only penetrate so deep and don't really have an impact on the deeper scars. See the chart on this link to understand. http://www.zimbio.co... Lumenis Bridge
I don't know anything about the other treatments such as subscission and fillers so I never comment on those. My scars were very similiar to Danielle's, but more extensive, that is why I keep posting her link. Many of my scars are gone and all the others are greatly improved. As you can tell by my signature below my posts, I have had Dermabrasion and regular CO2 with little or no improvement once the swelling went down. I have had 5 Fraxel Re:pairs, and I realized a 30% improvement after the first Re:Pair. The biggest change came after my 2nd Re:Pair, and all others have improved me incrementally. Many doctors will lure patients in with the promise of a One & Done laser, but you can go in with the knowledge that this is not true, and perhaps negotiate a lower price on subsequent treatments. I payed $800 a piece for my last 2 Re:pairs. I have spent $10,600 for my 5 Re:pairs, and I paid $5000 for my 1st Re:Pair because it was new on the market. RealSelf lists the average price as $3829. http://www.realself....-Repair/reviews I would love to see statistics only on acne scar patients who have undergone multiple treatments. You will always find a lot of negative nillys on forums who bought the One & Done line. There was one woman who ranted and raved about how bad Re:Pair was and come to find out she never even had it done. There have been some complications especially with darker skinned people. If you decide to do it, and we are talking about the price of a used car, be sure your doctor is not too timid and treats you at a lower mj than what you need. Each of mine have been done at the max setting. DeepFX is an alternative that may be less expensive, and it was what Danielle had, and also the Bern Triplets. I believe 17.5mj DeepFX equates to 70mj Re:Pair. Read SanJoseSkins posts on this link http://www.acne.org/...eeks-ago-ugghh/ I don't pretend to understand the stuff he wrote. You have to commit for the long haul because I never have repeat lasers in less than 6 months. I am currently on a yearly basis and you need about 2 weeks to recuperate.
Re:Pair is the ONLY thing that helped me!
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Posted 24 August 2012 - 08:03 AM

Hey! I'm so sorry about how you feel, but I understand completely. I've never had the best skin, but in the past year I've developed some smallish ice pick scars on my cheeks. It covers up with makeup, but in bad lighting/sunlight, I can see bumps everywhere, which makes me want to cry. I've had some really bad thoughts going through my head in the past few months, but I feel like being on this forum has really given me hope.

I plan on trying TCA cross to see if that helps...I've spent the past month or so researching it intensively. But I know what you mean about being young and having it affect your life! I'm 23 and have always been really social, and have always had guys asking me out/flirting with me, and now I feel like hiding in my room all the time.

Anyway, if you need someone to talk to (I feel like I can't talk about my issue with any of my friends), feel free to message me! Maybe we can get through it together :)