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It Can Get Better

cystic scarring emotional university cyst

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 07:31 PM

Hi everyone i used to be a long time lurker here. I haven't visited this site in maybe 4 months because my condition has improved significantly. As i have never posted before i will fill everyone in on my past experiences. From the age of 13 my acne has become worse and worse. I had cystic acne all over my face, which at most times made it extremely painful to smile. I wouldn't look people in the eye, would hate going out to dinner with my parents and would spend all nights in my room instead of with my family. I literally just isolated myself from everyone and anyone. I had convinced myself that no-one would want to be with me and i was destined to be alone. Of course it may sound as if i'm being melodramatic but my condition was bordering on horrific and i'm sure most of you understand how crippling this is. However the real change came when i went to university. The first few months were hard, but i just put myself out there and made many friends. It wasn't however until i started washing my face with nothing but water and using "Boots sensitive moisturiser" along with a touch of "vaseline intensive rescue relief and repair balm" that my face showed any kind of improvement. Of course my face was still in a bad way but this improvement gave me slight hope. Skip forward 5 months, I still have bad scarring and a few pimples but i feel "normal again". I no longer feel ashamed to walk in public, look people in the eye or feel uncomfortable when someone looks at me. I'm sorry if this post just seemed like random nonsense, but i just wanted to give back to this forum that helped me through many dark times. Also like many of you reading this right now, i remember thinking that it is all very well and good that the person writing this has found a cure, but it will never happen to me. You just need to get out of that mind frame and know that at some point in your life it WILL get better.

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 07:54 PM

Helpful post. You're right, when I read about other people's cures, I just think good for them, but it will never happen to me. I've tried so many things and they haven't done a thing, and I think to myself: why should anything else work? I'm glad you found a cure for yourself! I hope that I can find my own soon, to be honest I'm not feeling too optomistic aha

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