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I Hate My Huge Pores!

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 06:10 PM

Everyday I wake up and look in the mirror and all I can see are these disgusting, gaping holes in my face. I use all these skin products religiously morning and night, and smother my face in makeup before I go out, just to have to redo my makeup a couple hours later. My face looks like the moon, with all its ginormous craters, but nothing will hide or get rid of my pores. I haven't even started Accutane, but I've given up hope that my pores might actually shrink. I am going to have to live the rest of my life with this repulsive skin. I know a lot of people might think I'm being ridiculous, but my skin is BAD. I've never, ever seen anyone with pores as large as mine. And I'm only sixteen!! They are all over my face, covering my cheeks, forehead, and nose. All I can think about when people look at me is that they're staring at my huge pores, probably thinking how disgusting my face is. I am bombarded by the ideal of having perfect, poreless skin everyday, and those little offhand remarks I hear from other people or on t.v. make me feel so depressed. Sometimes I wish that I only had acne, as there is a possibility to get rid of it, but my pores are actually a part of my skin! Sorry about this pessimistic little rant, but I hate my skin so much and I always feel so disgusting and oily. To add to that, I have a fraternal twin sister who has perfect, poreless skin. I swear she's never had a pimple in her life, thus not a single scar, oily skin, or large pore. I have to get up long before her just to wash my face and put all these skin products and makeup on my face. Sorry, I'm usually much more optimistic, but I've had a really bad day. I feel like the ugliest person in the world!! Posted Image

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 08:36 PM

There are a lot of products and oils you can get that help reduce pore size, don't panic, there is hope!!

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Posted 10 April 2012 - 07:33 PM

I thought I was the only that complained about huge pores . I can relate to you . I'm 21 and I have huge pores and oily skin which sucks balls.
I've tried lasers and micros and my pores are still huge . The only think I can say is to not give up there is hope. I'm currently researching some natural remedys to help with enlarged pores. Once I find it I'll be sure to share it with you . One thing I find to really help with my oily skin is to eat healthy . I eat lots of fruits and vegetables . Also eat wild Alaskan salmon I've noticed that helps me out a lot with my oily skin issue. My derm recommended a very special diet that is anti inflammatory that has helped reduce my oily skin. Inbox me if your interested :)

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