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Vitamins And Nutrabio.

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Hi there,
I am tired of trying to find acne products that work.

I have mild acne and every day hate waking up to see how bad it is.
I don't eat unhealthily and drink plenty of water and after many attempts of using various facial washes and wipes, cleansers and treatments I have pretty much given up trying to find something that works.

For my last attempt (i'll more than likely try something else, always happens) I am trying various Vitamins with Nutrabio too.

Here is what I have ordered:

Nutrabio - 60 Tablets - 4 per day for the first week - 2 per day after that.
Zinc - 30mg per day.
B-100 Complex - 2 pills per day.
Vitamin A - 10,000 I.U - 2 pills per day
Vitamin D - 5,000 I.U - 2 pills per day
Omega - 3 Fish oil 1200mg - 2 pills per day
Pantothenic Acid - 500mg - 2 pills per day

That is what I intend on taking. Can anyone make any suggestions or have any advice on this?
Any help appreciated, I will also log the progress once I get the delivery.


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