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Can Someone Pleease Help Me What Am I Doing Wrong

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Posted 10 March 2012 - 04:51 PM

There is tons of gluten free pasta out there. Look for rice pasta, that would probably be the easiest to find. It seems "gluten free" is becoming pretty mainstream now a days because more and more people are realizing they have a problem with it. I am one of those people and I think it is the key to my acne. I have been completely gluten free for about two weeks and my skin is clear! Anytime I have accidentally unknowingly eaten traces of it I will get a very small whitehead or two. I also have tons more energy, the bags under my eyes are going away and my stomach doesn't bother me anymore. My doctor tested me for celliac disease and it came back negative, but based on my findings he told me to continue to avoid it because the test comes back false negative often.

I would have never guessed gluten was a problem for me. I didn't have many of the normal gastrointestinal symptoms. I ate gluten all the time!! But like posters above said, cut it out for one month completely and see if you clear up. Look for it hidden in many foods though because it is in everything!

<3 rice pasta.

I just wanted to say that I'm happy you have found the trick to clearing your acne! I slipped up already and ate some the other day when I was eating sushi... FAIL! But I'm back on again. It really IS in everything! Well.. anything to get rid of the blemishes. It's like a never ending mission sometimes. Hopefully this gluten free thing will help me out too. :)


1) Acne.org Regimen
2) Spot treat with AHA+.
3) Double moisturize: Jojoba oil and Acne.org Regimen Moisturizer.

1) Acne.org Regimen
2) Spot treat with AHA+. Use AHA+ on full face every Tuesday and Thursday night.
3) Double moisturize.