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Benzoyl Peroxide And Antioxidants

benzoyl peroxide

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 01:05 AM

I wanted to pose a potentially new idea that I do not think many benzoyl peroxide users consider. Somehow, today, I was thinking about Benzoyl Peroxide and how it is an oxidizer. The added oxygen to the skin causes p.acne bacteria to essentially die by creating an environment they cannot survive in. How does this go along with antioxidants? Isn't oxidization/ free radicals the main cause for cancer and many skin conditions? After doing some research, and I apologize for having no references, I discovered that you can incorporate both into your skincare regimen but they cannot be combined. This is a similar concept to acids and retinoids, they cancel each other out. Most people KNOW that antioxidants are probably more important than benzoyl peroxide ever will be to the health of our skin but clear skin does not have to be sacrificed.

There are many Vitamin C serums that are available in DIY form or you can check out nufountain.com for their's. I have not tried any of this yet, but many people feel that vitamin C benefits their skin a lot. I would recommend C10-sensitive for people who are treating their skin heavily because I have heard this stuff will burn. I intend to up the dose to the ferulic acid because that is packed with even more antioxidants. Also, I watched a video on youtube from a dermatologist by the name of Dr.Neal and he says that antioxidants are not effective when used during the day, so use them at night.

It may seem ironic to force a ton of oxygen into the skin to kill bacteria and then take it away with antioxidants, but I would rather not have skin cancer or free radicals affecting other parts of my body. Benzoyl peroxide is literally only active for about an hour, so after that the bacteria should have been killed already, the idea is to keep the bacterial population at bay. I am curious to know how using antioxidants will benefit the health of my skin, I understand vitamin C helps exfoliate the skin, increase cellular turn over (heals scarring).
I just thought this was important information that I do not think many people consider or know about before using BP, I know I sure didn't.

Here is a website with some information on antioxidants and acne: http://www.acneteam....event-acne.html

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Posted 13 April 2013 - 09:12 PM

Did you ever wind up testing this out? I've been using vitamin c serum for a while and after clearing my skin with accutane 2 years ago it seems like my acne is now returning. I've been considering starting the acne.org regimen but I'm very turned off by the concept of using a product that will contribute to free radicals and aging my skin. Retinoids would be a great alternative to BP but sadly I get hair loss as a side effect. 


Anyway, I was considering perhaps starting the acne.org regimen while using vitamin c over the BP at night to combat the aging effects of BP. If it's true that BP is only active for an hour after application then I could easily wait and hour and put on the vitamin c after that. 

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