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My First Derm Appt Ever Is Tomorrow..

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 11:14 PM

well the title says it all i have a derm appt tomorrow and i really do not want to start taking antibiotics because of everything ive read about resistance and when you stop taking it it comes back.. also i do not want any topicals because almost all have a bad IB.. which is why i really dont even use moisturizer.. plus almost all antibiotics take FOREVER to work from my readings on the org...

so does any one have any advice for me they could spare.. im going to tell my soon to be new derm that i have researched alot of information on acne and i dont want her giving me crap that makes me breakout just to come back a month later..

plus my acne used to be alot worse 4 months ago its starting to settle down but im still getting new pimples every now and then. so i dont want to get prescribed something that is going to make me worse before better.. also i already have tons of redmarks im dealing with i dont need more..
can any one tell me off the bat whats a good combo they have been prescribed with NO initial breakout and began working fairly quickly..
the only thning i really want to consider from the derm is bactrim and benzac ac 2.5% (10%BP burned my skin very badly)

shed any light any one please.. thanks alot for the support..

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 04:37 AM

Any treatment your derm prescribes is either going to be topical or oral, ig you have struggled with it for a long time and it's severe enough and you meet the conditions, Accutane may be a possibility but you certainly do not have to take that if your feeling nervous. Remember, you derm will take into account problems such as antibiotic resistance or any other drawbacks of a treatment and make an informed choice based on what they believe is best, the are not going to just throw a medication at you and ask you to leave. There are not many Acne treatments that are permanent, so if your Acne does clear and your stressed it will come back, you need to make sure your doing what you can to prevent that and quite likely you will be able to stay clear for a long time, Acne is managed not cured, I don't know if your a teen or not but if you are you may only have to manage it till you reach a certain age and then it will already have stopped. 

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 01:16 PM

I'm on Minocyline, an antibiotic, and while it has definitely helped a lot, I still breakout a little but the pimples are not big anymore and they seem to heal faster. I think everyone reacts to antibiotics differently. Some people love it, and it completely clears them. For me it has helped but it hasn't stopped it from coming back. So i'm going on Accutane next month. If you are desperate like I was, you will try anything, cause you have nothing to lose.

Now let me tell you what is crap. Retin-A. I know some people love it, but I don't see how people can have the patience for that crap. If you don't know anything about retins, it's that they make you break out for weeks in order for it to work. My doctor prescribed me a retin-a and it said on the pamphlet that you will break out for 8-12 weeks before you'll see improvements. I used it for about a week because I was getting huge painful nodules that took weeks to get rid of. Who would want to use that, we are tired of looking like this and this stuff just makes it worse for at least 3 months, I don't think so!

Dan's cleanser

Tea tree oil



Accutane (Claravis) 30mg


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