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[center][u][b]February Summary[/b][/u][/center]

During Feb, I used a series of 30% SA peels in hopes that this would help clear up some of my breakouts and PIH. While this was moderatly successful, the difference wasn't enough that I felt that it was worth the cost: for about five days afterwards, my skin looked horrible, peeled, and had a dead look to it. The peels did help lighten some areas of PIH but also created new ones from burns. One effect I did notice in this time was that for the next few days after the peel, I would never have breakouts.

[center][u][b]March Summary[/b][/u][/center]

March started out well, but it soon turned southward as I began making a switch between 30% SA peels once per week and 2% BHA liquid daily. This left me with a few major breakouts that are moderating now. I'm not sure if this was an actual purge or what, but I'm off the peels now for the forseeable future. However, at the end of the month, I boosted the peel strength to 3.3% or so by adding 5mL of the 30% peel to the BHA liquid. I felt like the 2% wasn't strong enough and may even dare to bring it to 5% later on down the road as I see how the new, stronger liquid works.

[center][u][b]April Summary[/b][/u][/center]

Things went okay, I used a dermaroller that month although didn't see very much improvement until about six weeks. My acne did flare up, although this may have been stress-induced from the crazy exam sechedule. It got sort of bad for awhile. It could have been a late purge as well since I was using a BHA at around 5% every day. Edited by Lange

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I've been using Green Cream lvl 9 every night for two weeks. I've noticed a lot of skin peeling but no redness or irritation.

I took a two week break from using a dermaroller and resumed last week. I saw a lot of improvement with it, especually on my oldest scars, surprisingly. Some of them are almost not there anymore. They were pitted scars, around 1mm deep or less.

My skin is behaving at present, but you never know. For every up and down, each up goes a bit higher so I can't really complain. Yay.

As it stands my regimen is pretty simple:

Morning: PC BHA and witch hazel

Evening: Green Cream, PC facial wash Edited by Lange

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Hmm, well, I've been using the Lvl 9 Green Cream for a few days straight now and I've realized that I'm as red as a cherry, lol.

I'm having to stop using it because I can tell my skin is irritated and dry. I've also noticed that my BHA burns a lot worse now as well, which makes me worried.

Also, don't use any BHA immediatly after dermarolling, I burnt the crap out of my poor skin that way. Not sure why I did that, I never do that.

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