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Hello everyone,

I am about to be 22 years old March 3rd. White Female. Fair Skin. About 6 months ago my face started to go insane. I began to break out around my chin and cheeks. Since I about 11 i had one or two break outs and black heads on T-Zone.

I never had huge cystic acne it was always one or two around my face only. I do get very rare break out on my back and maybe leg, thats it.

I went to get Microdermabraision two years ago around Feb. to help my black heads and scars, mind that I had no break outs. Just redness and black heads. I wasted almost $600 on 4 sessions. Then i stopped because I seen no improvement.

Then i got recommended a good dermatologist, I went and he put me on Chemical Peeling, I came in they cleaned my face a little and then put on chemical peeling. I went every week for two months. My face was great, still black heads, but redness was going away and no under skin break outs at all.

Last year, I went on Birth control i had to change brands after first 3 months and to be honest I didnt see the difference, no weight gain, no nothing I was talking it for about 5 months. It took me 2 years to finally take birth control after my gyno. suggested me to. The main reason he wanted me to go on it was because he diagnosed me with ":polycystic ovary syndrome" I would get my period every other months or every 3 months and he said that birth control would regulate my period. Since going o\n the birth control my period started to be regular comes every 4 weeks. i also have facial hair on the side on my cheeks and on my chest area not a lot, but noticeable. I always have to pluck it out. i am not heavy I am 5'8 and I weight about 180 But If you see me I am not fat, very curvy. I am dealing with dandruff. I read those are all side effects of ":polycystic ovary syndrome" and there are medication people go on to help the symptoms. its called spironolactone. Did any of you try it? I am going to my Gyno this week Friday, so I will discuss this with him.

So about September I stated to break out and it was painful to even talk. I went back to same new dermatologist and he told me my skin relapsed and he put me on Doxyciclne and also Retin-A 0.1% My skin after Retin-A was so red and peeling. I get it its a process. Its been 2 months I am on Docycicline and Retin-A 0.1%. I am trying to stay strong, I cut down on my sugar intake, milk intake, and white bread, friend food, and other bad foods that possible can cause acne.

I started to take Fish oils and also Cod oil ( maybe the fat break me out? I read that Some people cant take Fish oil even though its good for body) and vitamin B12 and ones a day doxycicline and night time Retin- A and also I take one capsule of Pro-Biotic.

I am still breaking out and still one or two cystic break puts painful ones. only on my face. I am loosing hope. I am a person that never gives up, but let me tell you I mainly sit home and not go outside, if I have to go outside its for school 3 days a week. I don't wear make up home only when I go to school and its Almay make up like Den suggested. I am falling into a depression slowly 9 ( I am majoring in therapy and counseling, so I know the signs) I am thinking to seriosly go on Accutane I seen so many successful stories and peoples skin get AMAZING, I am dreaming on that kind of skin. I am very concern about the side effects.

I though since talking Doxy. it would stop break outs, but they still come. Not only I am dealing with black heads I am dealing with red marks and active break outs daily. I am so self conscious, to a point where I am so embarrassed for my BF of 8 years to see me with no make up on. And if I have make up on its looks so disgusting because Retin-A makes me skin dry and not smooth. Then only thing I notice Retin-A did was smooth out my fine like on my forehead.

My dermatologist prescribed, Retin-A Micro 0.1% (not sure whats the difference from the regular Retin-A) and Clendamycin Benzoyl peroxide Top gel which I didnt get yet. but I am not sure I need to, I finally ordered Den Full Regimen and waiting for it to arrive, since it has BP I don't know if I would use Clendamycin Benzoyl peroxide Top gel prescription. When do I apply Retin-A Micro?

This is my Acne story. Any TIPS Suggestions are welcomed.
I recently got tested my liver and the test came out that its good. Edited by Iamgoingtogetclear

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If you are thinking of doing the regimen, please be sure to keep strictly to it without adding outside variables like retin. A micro... give it three full months and see how it goes ... good luck .. :)

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