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What about health?

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Well my acne started like 6 months ago, i get clear and then break-out, my forehead has got it bad now and i never had any zits there, it;s all clogged and with blackheads.

Anyways i've been to a naturopath and used diet and supplements, thing is it kind of cleared me but i stopped supplements and diet and my face calmed down on it's own.

Well these days i'm getting clogged pores on my forhead wich leas to puss filled acne and blackheads and some in my inner cheeks wich sucks cause i never had any there.

I do tend to have acne on my eyebrows and the sides of the eyebrows, temples i think. Also in my earlobes, WTF?

Anyways, this acne problem came from nowhere, i was always clear and now it seems like something changed or broke and i have never ending acne.

I was wondering if health could be involved? I mean what should i have checked to see what actually happened to my body?

I have imsomnia, constipation, depression, hairloss, anxiety,nervousness, no weight gain,acne. Sucks to be me.

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heh, yea, the earlobe acne; I got one of those ear zits right now. It's kinda right in the middle, and deep, so I can't pop it. They take a long time to go away.

Try physical exercise. I lifted weights for a long time, but I decided it's not really for me. Then I tried swimming and I love it! My body feels amazing when I'm done, the chlorine clears my back.

My health problems: allergies, IBS, acne

pay attention to your diet

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