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Deep Fx Treatment Seems Promising - One Successful Session On Darker Skin

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Posted 14 February 2012 - 08:08 PM

Hi everyone, I think this is probably my second or third post. Over the years, I've gotten a lot of advice from you all and I would just like to return the favor by letting you know what has worked for me. My problem is not acne but is two scars that were caused by trauma years ago. It would be considered atrophic scarring and I actually had the scar revised by a plastic surgeon in September. One scar was about 2cm and the other was about 1cm in length and pretty narrow and located on my forehead. The revision was somewhat successful but I wish I would have picked another surgeon because he took off to a conference in california (his office is in seattle) right after the scar revision was over and I had in fact flown in from canada to have my surgery done by him. I thought that was very inconsiderate and unprofessional. If there were any complications, he wouldn't of been able to treat me (and there was a complication and I was very annoyed at the fact that he took off right after the surgery and could not help me). Fast forward 5 months and I have just completed my first round of DeepFX. I didn't have the active FX but I might get that done along with the DeepFx on my second round in a couple of months. I will not say that it is a miracle treatment but it is the only treatment that has shown these type of results. I am now ten days post treatment and i am done flaking and the healing is coming along really well. I am a "darker" skinned individual (light brown skin from north east africa) and I am not experiencing and post hyperpigmentation. I did take it upon myself to treat my skin with 4% hydroquinone and Retinol (to increase cell turnover) for about 4 weeks before treatment and then stopped the week before the treatment day. I don't know if it's the fact that I have resilient skin but I am healing fine and with no complications. I also had two passes done over the areas and the laser is no joke. It is very strong! A lot of doctors are hesitant about treating darker skin but thank goodness I found a doctor to treat me. Like I said, this laser is strong and you must be prepared for the worst but I had no problems so there is hope for all of us to be treated with no complications. The laser is a CO2 laser but it is fractionated, so some of your skin is spared. My doctor also used a pretty high setting of 3 which I insisted on (Hey, I didn't pay $1000 for nothing ;) ). He said he would go with the settings that Lumenis recommends for scars and I asked him to be aggressive. My skin was completely scabbed over the day after treatment but was only slightly weeping, swollen and bleeding the following hours after the treatment. On about the 7th day, the scabs fell off and then slight flaking began. I am ten days post treatment and have resumed applying the hydroquinone every evening. I also apply a mixture of rosehip seed oil and helichrysum oil whenever I'm in the house. During the day, I apply self-heal cream all over my face along with Scar Esthetique and sunscreen of course. When the scabs fell off a few days ago, I wasn't too impressed with the results, but it's been about three days since then and I'm noticing an improvement in the filling in of the scars, as well as the size of them. Every day that I look in the mirror I see them getting better. Keep in mind that I only had one small area of my face done so I believe the recovery might be a little longer than 7 days if you were having your whole face treated aggressively (two passes at a high setting). I believe two more treatments and I will have about an 80% improvement at the least. If you have any questions, please ask me, I would love to help in any way that I can.

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Posted 26 May 2012 - 08:28 PM


I also had Deep FX on Feb 16, and am happy with the results. However, unlike your doctor, my doctor wasn't aggressive. I had a few small scabs but nothing too severe. I did have redness for a couple weeks. Did your doctor's aggressiveness pay off with good results? I am planning to do it again with an experienced plastic surgeon who believes in being aggressive to produce maximum results in one go. I'm curious to know if this approach worked for you.

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