Male-22. My Clear Skin Regimen! Give It A Shot!

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I have struggled with acne for many years. It clears up and comes back constantly. I have had nearly every antibiotic out there, but none seem to completely clear my face. Here are 2 regimens that worked for me.

The first worked very well, but my Doctor cut my antibiotic dose in half, and my acne came back. I saw a new dermatologist and he prescribed the second listed regimen. Both worked great for me, and like i said, i thought there was no hope. Give these a try if you have felt the same!

Trust me, I've been working on this for years, and this is what i have learned.

While doing EITHER regimen you choose remember:
Change Pillowcase every 2 nights.
Cut as much (ideally all) dairy and sweets. substitute soy milk, soy cheese, non dairy yogurt etc.
Cut down on processed foods. Eat fresh.
Drink Plenty of water.
Get a haircut, that keeps hair off face.
Do some exercising!
Stick with it. There is no overnight cure. Give it a few months. You won't get clear by switching regimens every week.

Regimen 1

100mg Doxycylcine 2x a day.

Wash face using hands with Neutrogena Naturals facial cleanser.
After dry (10 minutes) Apply duac.

Wash face using washcloth with light amount of mentioned cleanser.
after dry, apply Lush Tee Tree Water
Wait a few minutes and apply Olay Beauty Fluid.

Same as morning.

Regimen 2.

Bactrim 100mg 2x a day

Wash face with cetaphil
After dry, apply duac

Wash with cetaphil
after dry apply Micro Retin A

Use facial moisturizer as needed during the day.

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Problem is, is that you can't really use antibiotics long term.

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