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Vitamin B5

vitamin b5 vitamin b

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Posted 26 January 2012 - 07:46 PM

To start out, I should probably give a description of my skin type. I have mild/moderate acne( I get about 1-2-3 pimples a week). However, the texture of my skin is horrible and my breakouts leave marks on my skin that can last for up to a year. Blackheads are also a problem of mine and the acne on my back is pretty bad. Despite the current, aggravating, condition of my skin, I have had to deal with worse during my six years of acne( I started braking out at 12 and am now almost 18). My acne was more on the moderate/severe side until I saw a dermitologist who put me on differin, which has given me much more control over my breakouts. That being said, however, the quality of my skin still takes quite a toll on my self-esteem, which I would love to build up in time for senior prom, graduation and the begining of my college years. And this is exactly my goal: to have clear, beautiful skin and confidence for the fun and excitement of graduation, prom( and all the parties that come with that), and to have one less thing to worry about once I have to adapt to the new academic and social enviornment of college.
Vitamin B5 is the only acne treatment I've ever felt optimistic about. Usually I assume that a product, routine etc. won't help my skin at all or if it does, only minimally. However, the success rate is the highest I've ever seen for an acne treatment(maybe besides accutane) and really, hope is the only thing that's going to get me through this. Luckily, my hopes are beginning to be realized.
I 've been taking vitamin B5 for about two weeks now(I've worked up to three grams and went a few days without it once I ran out) and my back is much less oily and even close to being clear. The skin on my face reacted differently for most of the past two weeks. I broke out more than usual on my face with relatively small pimples that would disappear soon after they emerged on the surface. The last few days have been a bit more promising for my face as I have not broken out at all. I've even stopped using differin so that my skin doesn't get even drier than it tends to be. Again, no breakouts.
So far I 'm pretty happy with the results. I hope that my pores will start to tighten soon and that the texture of my skin will start to smooth out. Have any of you tried vitamin B5? How long did it take you to get completely clear skin?
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Posted 26 February 2012 - 03:52 PM

Nice, Aisha!

I will start my B5 routine tomorrow. After reading a lot of topics about it, i became interested.

But, if i were you, i would never take more than 1g per day. There is a research that says that 1g is enough. More than that could be dangerous for you health. I say it cus i do know people that take 1g/day and have the same results compared with who takes 10g/day.

Interest website here: http://www.vitaminb5acne.com/

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Posted 10 April 2012 - 08:16 AM

hi! i saw this post while conducting a search on the board on b5! how has it been going for you so far? just started. day 3 at 3grams :)

i have a beach trip with friends this may 17th, and i would LOVE to have clear skin then. 5weeks to go, hoping for the best.

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