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I'm well aware that the process of clearing your face isn't a pleasant or pain-free one, but this Epiduo is killing me! I'm also using Finacea (Epi at night, Fin in the AM), but my face is [b]raw[/b]. I don't know if I should introduce yet another agent to my face, but I bought a Nivea face/hand lotion - mostly because it said I could use it on my face. I also have Aquaphor left from Accutane, and I know that stuff works wonders, but it seems like it might clog pores. Lastly, I have an Aveeno naturals unscented lotion (green lid).

Do I use any of these to alleviate my pain or tough it out? I'm also on Bactrim 2x daily, which is probably making my skin hyper sensitive anyway.

Has anyone had this to a serious extent? How long did it last? Any lotion/other recommendations?

Edit: I also have extreme redness on my face - it looks like I'm blushing (or almost like a sunburn) on various spots on my face. Does this go away? Edited by emily93

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I'm also on Epiduo right now and my skin is a bit dry too. Not to the point of it being raw, though; maybe my face has adjusted by now? (been using it for almost 3 weeks) Anyways, I use CeraVe moisturizer during the day, and I put it on 15 minutes after putting on the Epiduo at night. It honestly works very well for me at controlling my dryness and uncomfortableness with using Epiduo.

Basically, give it time. Once your skin adjusts it won't be as painful anymore.

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