Has Anyone Here Ever Tried Natazia?

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I got my hormones tested and they said I had elevated testosterone levels. I've had acne all over my mouth, chin, jaw area for almost a year now. I've tried OTC products, prescritpion creams, doxycycline. none of it worked or even made a bit of difference. So I made an appointment with my gynecologist to prescribe me birth control. She asked what kind I wanted and I said whatever works best for getting rid of acne so she prescribed me natazia. I searched this website and couldn't find any info on it. I searched google and only found a couple pages of reviews on webmd and some other websites most people said it caused them to have horrible acne. I'm not sure if these people had acne to begin with or not, but I'm just worried because I haven't found one review where a person said it made their acne better and I'm gonna have to be on it a full 6 months. Does anyone have any info on it?

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I've been trying to look it up for you, and all I can find is that it's one of Bayer's new birth controls, and it has a slightly different estrogen and progesterone component in it. It didn't said anything about acne. Why'd she give you that, instead of Yaz/Yasmin or Ortho-tri-cyclen/ OTC lo?

I also imagine it would be more expensive becuase it was just released in 2010.

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This may be a litte late, but I could find some infos on this pill. In other states, it is called "Qlaira". And it is supposed to have "more natural" oestrogenes than older bcpills. The other hormone is dienogest, which is, I believe, also in pills like vallette, lafamme, or visanne. Maybe you heard of these? Here where I live for example, vallette is the most commonly used pill for acne. I took it, too, but my acne got worse while being on it.

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Hi just thought I would give this a post in case anyone else is looking for info ! There's NO Info about this prodproduct & acne ! Anywher!!!!! 
I ddeveloped acne at 22 on the lower half of my face :huh: 
I really hac no clue why because I alway had such clear skin
Thispresented mostly on the side of my mouth and alternated , so while one side got better the other got worse !! (So frustrating) 
So I tried 
Antibiotics .. killed my stomach & did nothing 
Benzo peroxide .. burned 
More antibiotics
CCilest.. crazy irregular periods, no acne improvement
My mood was so so so low
I ffelt hideous & could not stop counselling. .my GP a man who really did not understand gave me a diagnosis of depression & sent me off with a prescription of zyneryt. .
I knew that my mood was a reflection of something internal. . I would feel fine one week & hysterical the next!  I got a blood test & finally got diagnosed with PCOS 
My nenew GP prescribed Qlaira it literally changed my life
The first 2 months were a challenge but toward the end of it i felt back to myself my acne pretty much just healed .. i stopped getting spots which improved every month ! Unfortunately I had to stop taking it so my breakout returned 
I'm now vacvac on Qlaira ..8 days in my mood is already better (I feel like my body is used to it this time & might heal faster) 
Qlaira mmasks my PCOS symptoms but does not cure them 
IIf your story reminds you of yourself get a blood test! Check your hormones!  IIf you have any other questions feel free to message me :) 
SorSorry for the long ppost! 

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