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Bioderma Products - Anyone Using Them?

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Its been a month since I am using the bioderma range of products and my skin looks so much better. Earlier I was using Cetaphil gentle cleanser followed by BP and then Cetaphil moisturiser..there was a slight improvement but I could not find any further improvement on my skin! The scars and discolouration were still my skin looked real greasy after applying the Cetaphil moisturiser..moreover, I could not find the right sunscreen..they all broke me out!! I had heard of these products and just bought them from a pharmacy..I picked the Sebium AI intensive treatment for acne prone skin..I had a problem with uneven skin tone and skin discolouration and so picked the bioderma white objective lightening cream..I also picked the photoderm sunscreen for sensitive skin! The best part of these products are they are non comedogenic and so light on the face plus non greasy. A lot of my friends have commented that my skin has improved and I am happy with the results. The only con is these products are a little pricey but I am willing to spend that extra since it is really worth it. I apply BP now only on the affected area i.e. if I get that occasional breakout. You can check the bioderma Website to know more about their products. try it guys if you are still are having no success with the current products you are using.

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