Please Help! Small Pimples Everywhere On Cheeks! Pics!

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Please help me I'm 23 and I recently started to get acne after I got out of college, it exploded everywhere on my cheeks and forehead. Never had a history of it before not really sure what to do anymore it seems to get worse and worse.


Wash w/ Kavi Coral Bar
Wash w/Kavi Coral Bar

I eat very clean and very little carbs

Vitamin E

Just started taking these vitamins recently around 2-3 weeks ago no significant impact.

Help please I need to get clear fast I know thats kind of an oxymoron but as fast as possible![attachment=39823:1214011347.jpg][attachment=39824:1214011348.jpg][attachment=39825:1214011404.jpg] Edited by sofaking391

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I wonder if you're allergic to something you've recently added to your diet, or recently under went some big time stress.. cause that'll happen to people who've never had acne before. Honestly the only thing I can recommend is that you drop the fructose COMPLETELY... At least to start, to see if that in any way is aggravating some other internal imbalance you've got going on. One thing I would try right off the bat, since you're already taking b complex, is to take taurine, maybe about a 1000mg a day. That will at least help you suppress the inflammation as you figure out what's going on...

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