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Zinc & Peppermint/spearmint - Acne Cure?

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(short version: I'm taking Zinc to lower my estrogen and Peppermint to block androgens - good idea?)


I've always been puzzled how Zinc cures some people's acne but in me made some of my hormonal symptoms better and yet made other symptoms like (like acne & excess hair worse)

Zinc seems to work by lowering estrogen and blocking DHT (androgens)

But in some people, I read it can actually increase DHT

I also remember a girl on here telling me she took Progesterone therapy but also had to take an anti-androgen because the progesterone raised her testosterone (it's like you lower estrogen to win but then create another problem)

So I think Zinc can either completely cure you by lowering estrogen and raising progesterone and blocking DHT or like with me - make you worse, by lowering estrogen but also raising DHT

A girl on here was saying how she took Zinc and it worsened her acne and also caused her to get male pattern baldness (which is caused by DHT)

I think this is why some of my estrogen related symptoms are bettered but then my acne get's worse on Zinc

So I thought I need to take zinc to lower my estrogen & something like Saw Palmetto to block any DHT (androgens)

But Saw Palmetto is so expensive! Then I read about a study that was conducted, where women who drank 2 cups of Spearmint/Peppermint tea a day had significantly reduced androgen levels after five days.

A girl on here said that Peppermint/Spearmint tea completely cleared up her excess hair problem, so much so that even the hair on her legs had reduced.

So my new try-out atm is Zinc, I bought 15mg high-strength Zinc and I'm taking one after each meal. I'm then having one cup of Peppermint Tea - one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. If the tea works I will probably get capsules next time.

I hope this works, it's cheap and makes a lot of sense to me.

Has anyone else tried Zinc with Peppermint/Spearmint or Zinc and Saw Palmetto?

Thanks xx

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I didn't try that combination, but I'm drinking spearmint tea for my oiliness and I think it has helped. Saw palmetto was bad for me, I tried it more than a year ago, it gave me acne on my jaw line which I didn't have.

I would try spearmint tea instead because thats the one the studies have been done with.

I also tried zinc alone some time ago and I'm quite sure it made my acne a bit worse, I dont know how it would go with spearmint tea though, could be a good combination.

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I noticed you're on a estrogenic boosting diet - so if you are trying to increase your estrogen, Saw Palmetto, Zinc - Peppermint could potentially make you worse. To boost estrogen you need to be taking things such as copper or nettle.

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