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As Prices Escalate

fraxel re:pair so far so good fraxel

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Posted 16 November 2011 - 12:19 PM

Eventually you are either going to accept your situation or look towards alternative methods. It is no secret that Fraxel Re:pair has taken me so far in my journey, but I am also getting older and I am dealing with that. I will soon be looking at Plastic Surgery, and there are some excellent discussions on this topic at Make Me Heal http://messageboards...lastic-surgery/ I have been looking at Medical Tourism for some time, and I have read the book by Josef Woodman "Patients Beyond Borders". Many of you have spoke of stem cell theraphy, but you will be dead and burried before the USA allows reality to slap them in the face. Singapore and Thailand are already deep into stem cells, and Thailand is a primary location for cosmetic surgery. The rest of the world is not bound by the edicts of a few lunatics from Texas. I am currently concentrating on Costa Rica as a location for:

Blepharoplasty, Upper & Lower Eyelids
PeriOral & Orbital Fat Grafting
Liposuction for Fat Grafting

The cost should be <10k including a 10day stay http://www.arrivacostarica.com/

I know the idea of traveling so far for treatment is scarey, but as you realize that what you need done is getting more expensive by the day, and all the foo-foo treatments do NO good, you will either give up or take the next step.
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