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Spots Wherever Hair Touches Forehead - Without Fail

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Posted 14 November 2011 - 06:29 AM


Whenever even a few strands from my fringe touches my forehead for any length of time, I am sure to get a break out. I don't even have long hair! There's a red bump on my forehead now that lines up exactly with where hair falls, and some around the high temple for the same reason. I know this is definitely hair related as I had my hair longer until recently and the breakouts were much worse and lower down. The week after I got it cut, the breakouts cleared completely as no hair was touching my forehead.

I wash my hair every two days. Is this excessive? I naturally assumed it was having hair that wasn't clean causing this, but then began to wonder if it was actually the shampoo causing an irritation and localised swelling, resulting in the spot. I changed my shampoo to one that doesn't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, but still has Sodium Laureth Sulfate and the breakouts continue. As spots can take time to appear, I'm still not sure if it's oil or shampoo causing it.

The speed at which contact causes a spot is also surprising, when my hair was long enough to need to be held back, if I had it down for literally just an hour or two during an entire week, I'd get the breakout again.

Any advice on how to proceed? Not wash my hair for a week? I guess what I'm really asking is, can shampoo do this? Or am I allergic to my own hair? Posted Image

Thanks for any advice!

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Posted 14 November 2011 - 08:50 AM

Hair Care products most definitely can cause breakouts. Do you use any hair care products? Hair Spray, pomade, frizz fighters? I don't think washing your hair every two days is excessive. Is your scalp oily when you wash your hair? I can go 3-4 days before I was my long hair. I think washing your hair (unless prescribed otherwise) is personal preference based on your hair needs. If you use a lot of hair care products that your washes would be more frequent. As for not washing your hair for a week I can only assume your hairline breakouts would increase. Build up on the scalp from infrequent washing can make a great playground for acne. I know a lot of people who think SLS's are bad for your hair but they also remove a lot of build up, dirt, and oil from the scalp and hair that SLS free cannot. If you use any product that has sort of oil based silicone in the product that is not water based an detergent like SLS will be needed to remove that from your hair and scalp. Any clarifying shampoo used once or twice a week could help with that. ( Baby shampoos work very well. I used Aveeno Baby shampoo) You could always resume and should resume with a an SLS free shampoo/conditioner if that fits your hair and scalp needs. You could try Free and Clear Shampoo's or Pureology Hair Care products. When I need to wash my hair to refresh it I Co-wash with only a conditioner. Since I use no non-water oil silicones I can get away with just a conditioner wash. My scalp is clean but my ends need a little a boost. Also, change your pillowcases frequently. I'm a little OCD about this. I wash and change mine everyother day. That made a huge difference.
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Posted 14 November 2011 - 10:26 AM

i just got bangs not too long ago and i have noticed i am getting zits on my forehead as well. its very annoying because i hardly ever breakout on my forehead. i am definitley geting rid of my bangs though thats for sure. its not worth having breakouts all the time.

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