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Healing Acne The Natural Way?

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Posted 12 November 2011 - 05:58 AM

Have you tried avoiding the soy? And the wheat? Where's the veggies?

I don't think Soy is a problem. Besides, without Soy I couldn't drink tea, and that would be terribly un-British of me. Posted Image

To be honest, I don't eat a lot of veggies, except for a few for Sunday roast and maybe a little salad in sandwiches. My bad, I know. :/

Then you don't have a pretty good diet. And why don't you think soy is a problem. It's a problem for many people. It's extremely common to be intolerant to it. It's one of the worst sources of lectins that harm the digestive tract. And it's estrogenic. All of which can contribute to acne.

Dayuuuuum... Even the soya milk isn't sacred?
What's the alternative?

Almond milk is AMAZING. Rice milk is too.

Okay, well I've bought some rice milk but it was almost double the price of my soya. So I dunno how long I'll be able to keep that up.

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Posted 12 November 2011 - 12:00 PM

Have you tried drinking apple cider vineger? It doesn't taste great but i'm hearing good things for those who have!
Finding the Natural way to be acne free!

Things ive tried so far, Feel free to ask me about anything!
Coconut Water
Drinking ALOT of water
ACV Apple Cider Vinegar
Yogurt As a cleanser!
Eating very healthy
Cutting out milk

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 02:07 PM

I tried experimenting with natural solutions a few months back. It actually really helped my acne subside; however, I started this regimen because I was looking for something to make my breakouts completely stop (if that's even possible!) Anyway, this is what I did:

Wash face with Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)
If you're not familiar with it, try googling a website that can go into more details than I can, because you have to do it exactly right. Pretty much you just pick an oil based on your skin type (I used grape seed, organic) and mix it w/ castor oil, rub it in for about 3-4 minutes and then steam your face a couple times, making sure you completely get ALL the oil off. Just as a warning, on the off days when I know I didn't get all the oil, I broke out!
Follow that with a raw, organic honey face mask. I found this to be REALLY helpful w/ my acne, I still do it! It works best when you can leave it on for at least half an hour.
Make a toner of green tea and lemon juice -- this made my scars fade about 60% and still to this day, they're gone.

Just wash face with raw, organic honey and follow w/ the homemade toner.

This routine can be VERY time consuming...I probably spent about 10 minutes at night w/ the OCM, and another half an hour w/ the honey mask, so you'll have to give yourself at a MINIMUM of forty minutes for it to really work. But it does help to improve my acne, so I guess it's worth it :)

If you were interested in any of those & want some more details, just let me know!

Here is a link for the OCM --

#24 Nuts an apples

Nuts an apples

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Posted 16 November 2011 - 02:44 AM

Try eating just mixed nuts and apples for one day an see if you notice any difference!

Nuts contain high levels of zinc

Apples contain the best form of fibre

An drink lots of water , dehydration is always key to the bodies health!

You are what you eat an you are what you drink!

Don't use any crap on your face nothing but pure water !!!