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Pimples All Over My Lips And Chin

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Posted 31 October 2011 - 11:28 PM

Hi all

I am a newbie and i know this question has probably done to death.

Can anyone please give me suggestions on how to get rid of pimples around my lips area and on my lips.

They are not coldsores as they come to a head but i currently have 4. 2 right on the sides of my lips and i have 1 joined to the outline of my botton lip and 1 joined to the outline of my top lip and i also currently have about 5 pimples on my chin right now.

I am currently using differin (adapalene) and using a sacrylic acid facewash once a day. I have been using differin for 12 months and i admit it has worked on my cystic acne. i no longer get cystic acne but i still now get the small pustular ones.

I have been put on anti-biotics in the past and also used BP. Both the BP and anti-biotics worked and both cleared my skin however i got very bad Allergic reactions to both after about a months use of both products.

BP made my face swell like a balloon. It got to a point where i couldn't even open my eyes because my eyelids and face swelled up so much.

I also got a very very bad alergic reaction to the anti-biotics. I got Hives from head to toe including hives on my scalp and it took me 2 weeks for the hives to go away. The hives alergic outbreak was way worse than the face swelling on BP.

I've been to the doctors. they told me they don't want to put me on Accutane because they told me Accutane is very harsh and it's not something they would reccomend to me so i've ran out of options.

Can you all please give me some advice. I am a 26 yr old female! Posted Image I am like the only person i know out of all my friends who still gets pimples and it's made me a little bit anti-social as iam embarrassed that iam in my mid 20's and still getting alot of pimples.

I always have around 5-6 pimples around my chin/lips. I don't have severe acne but i've never had my skin fully clear of acne except for those times i was on BP or anti-biotics and turned out both iam severely alergic to. Posted Image

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Posted 01 November 2011 - 12:38 AM

I'm so sorry you're going through this, honey! :( Ask your doctor about Spironolactone. My understanding is hormonal acne usually takes place around the mouth. Spiro blocks androgens and in turns reduces sebum production (oil). It has worked wonders for me. I am also 25, female and have been struggling with acne since I was 14. If your dermatologist won't prescribe it, ask your gyno. My dermatologist was totally ignorant about Spiro, but my gyno wasn't. He actually cared about my happiness and made an actual effort to address my concerns. Goodluck!
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Posted 01 November 2011 - 05:54 AM

It could be Perioral Dermatitis, it resembles acne and is mainly around the mouth but it wont clear with acne medication, you need to stop using all creams and products on your face and get a course of antibiotics tetracycline or minocycline and it could take a few months to clear up. This is just a guess but alot think this is acne when it is not.

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