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Good Source Of Calories - Macadamia Nuts

vitamin vitamins

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Posted 12 October 2011 - 07:27 PM

Acne diets are generally hard to get enough calories just from fruits, veggies, and fish, while most nuts have too much omega 6. I just discovered macadamias, which contain less than 2g of o6 per cup while also providing 900 calories (almost half daily requirement) and quite a bit of protein as well as other vitamins/minerals. I am going to start eating these more. Also, it's good to get dry roasted instead of oil roasted
Clear as long as I stick to Paleo - lots of meats, vegetables, healthy fats, and small amounts of fruit. Supplements: CLO/ fish oil, Mg, vit. D3, vit. E.

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Posted 13 October 2011 - 01:00 AM

They are the best of all nuts.. but.. still nuts.
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Posted 13 October 2011 - 10:02 AM

walnuts and pecans seem to have the highest antioxidant potential, when measured scientifically. walnuts measured the highest while pecans were second.

walnuts are relatively high in melatonin, which is among the most powerful natural antioxidants produced by your body.

im not trying to make macadamias look bad here, just dont want these potential superstars to go un-noticed.
#1.critical nutritional issues- b12(three forms exist), Calcium(yogurt, cheese or calcium phosphate supps) and vitamin d(sun or supps not to exceed 1000 iu). heme iron-most absorbable from meat only, clams are high. these are the most difficult vitamins to get and absorb. All others or about the same in difficulty in absorption. MAgnesium in our food supply is generally low as well, try natural calm supps.
#2 Fats- monounsaturated should dominate(olives), followed by polyunsaturated plant sources(nuts) but not if you have acne. the health benefits of fish oil and fish are controversial and i dont consume them due to mercury contamination and immune supression avoid processed fats if possible.
#3 Protein/amino acids- dairy and eggs best sources for tryptophan and methionine which convert to powerful antioxidants melatonin and glutathione.
#4 Carotenoids- alpha- beta carotene, beta cryptoxanthin, lutein zeaxanthin, astaxanthin. these are vital to human nutrition, carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin, chili pepper and cayenne pepper are the best sources.
#5 Regularity-BM at least once a day, Moist, large stools, 1 piece ideal, no maldigestion, no floating stools indicative of maldigested fat. HOW- insoluble fiber- wheat and cooked vegetables. soluble fiber-oats/ good bacteria ferment soluble fiber making short chain fatty acids that inhibit pathogens.
#6 Circadian cycles-Light, get up with the sun, and expose your entire body to it. darkness-melatonin is released upon the sensing of absolute darkness. sleep in a pitch black room, try to ensure 10 hours total darkness, wear sunglasses before bed. do not eat too late at night.
#7 Desirable physiological states(positive moods/emotions) do precisely what you like and what feels good to you, but not regardless of consequences, just from a perspective that, you own your life, and can determine precisely what you do with it and need not answer or ask of permission from anyone,achieving maximum autonomy and self government.

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Posted 23 December 2011 - 05:34 AM

They are the best of all nuts.. but.. still nuts.

what do you mean by "but still nuts?"

I thought most nuts are okay for acne?

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Posted 24 December 2011 - 09:41 PM

They are the best of all nuts.. but.. still nuts.

what do you mean by "but still nuts?"

I thought most nuts are okay for acne?

Nuts and seeds have been deemed "problematic" for digestion by many on this forum. I imagine there's truth in it, what with little hard things moving through/scratching your insides but I don't think there's any problem with eating them as a snack every so often. And yeah, they're high in omega-6's and it's the 3's everyone needs more of.

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My website is in progress and will probably benefit you in some way.

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Posted 24 December 2011 - 11:44 PM

Macadamias: the only nut which i could eat my own weight in one sitting. And maca butter? Its a good thing macas are expensive otherwise I'd probably fall in a jar and never come out.
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Posted 01 May 2013 - 12:33 PM

bump. Can anyone here get away with eating half a cup of macas a day?

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