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Iodine in Fish oil capsules??

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I was at the health food store today, and one of the fish oil supps said not to take if sensitive to iodine. Do they all have iodine? I don't want iodine-it causes acne.

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Well i typed Iodine and acne in Pubmed and found only 23 articles. Unfortunately most of them do not have abstracts, yet were usually taking about topical iodine (cleansers) or excess iodine exposure (from iodine therapy or workplace exposure). I did a search once and found that it takes A LOT of iodine to aggrevate the skin enought to cause rashes or acne. Usualy the amount you get from food or supplements would not be a problem, but of course some of us may live in areas where there is naturally more iodine.

The funny thing to me is that a dermatologist and others will talk about iodine being a cause for acne, with so few research behind it, yet refuse to believe that other nutrients in foods can cause acne (with more indepth physiological evidence behind it). The funny thing is that I just got through reading a website by a derm that explained how having too much iodine causes it to be excreted into the pores where it causes irritation. This is a theory I don't often talk about, but since increased levels of p. acnes (and demodex mites) has been associated with causing inflammation acne, why don't they believe that excess sugar and fats get excreted through the pores where bacteria are free to feed and grow?

Iodine is a mineral that has been clinically proven to aggravate acne. Here's what's really ridiculous. Dermatologists will tell you that diet doesn't affect acne, but iodine has been scientifically proven to worsen acne and it's found in a number of foods. The biggest source of iodine is iodized table salt. Avoid that salt. Other food sources of iodine include oysters, lobster, spinach, shrimp, milk, and bread. Even Prevention Magazine ran an article warning people with acne that the iodine in milk and bread may be making it worse. Try to limit bread and milk. That leads to the dairy foods. Dairy foods are bad because they are made from milk so they have iodine. They also are bad for acne because they tend to have high fat contents. Milk causes many other health problems as well. It's mucous forming in the body and it contains hormones that are given to cattle. These hormones are surely not helpful to the skin. For my acne, cheese is the worst dairy product. I don't like doing it, but I have to pick most of it off pizza. That pretty much covers the foods that affect acne. But if you're suspicious about any food that might be making your acne worse, cut it out of your diet for a week or two to see if you're right.

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OK, it was Dr. Fulton, the man that discovered/invented RetinA:

Fishing for a Cause?

It may sound fishy, but if you are prone to acne, there is at least one doctor who believes that seafood and other foods containing iodine could bring on an attack.

"Iodine is a factor in some people who are prone to acne," says James E. Fulton, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. " Iodine enters the body and mixes into the bloodstream, with the excess excreted through the oil glands. As it is excreted, it irritates the pores and brings on an acne flare-up."

If you've been fishing around for a clue to the cause of your acne, here's a table of some foods and beverages and the amount, in parts per million, of iodides that they contain.

Dr. Fulton does not currently know at what level the iodides could bring on an acne attack, but he warns that "excessive long-term ingestion can induce acne attacks."

Food/Beverage      Iodides (ppm) 

Dairy Products

Cheddar cheese spread                     27

Butter                                               26

Homogenized Milk                               11

Sour cream                                        7

Cottage cheese                                   5

Yogurt                                               3

Drinking water (U.S. average)    8

Meat and Poultry

Beef liver                                         325

Turkey                                             132

Chicken                                              67

Hamburger                                         44


Tortilla chips                                       80

Wheat germ                                      46

Potato chips                                       40

Pretzels                                             15

White bread                                         8

Coca-Cola                                           3

Sugar                                                   2


Iodized                                               54

Seasoned                                           40


Kelp                                               1,020

Squid                                                39

Crab                                                  33

Sole                                                 24

Clams                                               20

Shrimp                                             17

Lobster                                             9

Oysters                                             8


Asparagus                                       169

Broccoli                                             90

Onions (white)                                   82

Corn                                                 45

Brussels sprouts                                23

Potato                                                9

Green beans                                        7

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Yup, sushi always breaks me out. Not the fish part of sushi, but the seaweed part. I think seaweed contains a ton of iodine.

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