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is taking too many supplements bad?

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i take about five supplements a day. two b-complex/vit c supplements, 2 cayenne supplements, and usually about one digestive aid. I was just wondering if theres any "side-effects" from supplements like the capsules not dissolving and constipating you or something. haha. i basically wanna know if what im doing is okay to do. thanks

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you can definately jack your body up by taking too many (or too high of doses). you're fine with vitamin c because it's water soluble but i'm not sure about the b-complex. i'm sure it's fine to take the cayenne supplements as well, but what does it do?

so basically, if the supplement you are taking is water soluble, you are fine and you just pee the excess out, but if it is oil soluble, you could be in for trouble.

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what are you talking about, shriek? gelatin?

anyhow, ff, like i said, i'm pretty sure vit c and cayenne are fine but i think b vitamins are oil soluble...

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You asked a wonderful question, and one someone's bond to be asking me since I went on my supplement shopping spree and bought 3 different ones myself. Hey they were on sale, I had the money, and I plan on testing them each seperately ;-) OK, so anyway, how much of each of those are you taking?

In regards to your other questions:

Lipid Soluble: - these stay in your system for longer periods and could cause toxic effects (especially Vitamin A)

Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K

Water Soluble - these generally are supposed to be eliminated daily and sholdn't cause toxic effects

B Vitamins

Vitamin C












Trace Minerals (bunch of others)

Etc ...

Co Enzymes

CoA - the stuff that B5 Therapy helps promote

CoQ10 - very popular for energy & some other stuff

Otherwise, are you breaking out worse now than before you started taking the supplements? Or are you feeling weaker or sick more often?

Some supplements in excess or naturally seem to produce breakouts (B6, B12, Iodine), especially if they are out of balance in your body. Other supplements when taken in large doses can deplete or encourage the elimination of other supplements. For example, both B5 & R-ALA supplementation should be taken with Biotin. Perhaps due to these concerns and to save you the time of creating your own balanced formula, they created Multivitamins, Super Multivitamins, and Super Super Multivitamins (we could go on) in hopes of preventing in unintential imbalances.

I personally feel that the best supplements are those that you get in powder form (drinks or capsules), liquid, or gelcaps as these should be more easily abosrbed by the body. However, there is some question as to which type of supplement is the most effective. For example there are several types of Zinc (sulphate, gluconate, ), Chromium (GTF, polynicotinate, nicotinate) and Vitamin C (Ester C, L-ascobic, buffered). Since you are taking Vitamin C, anyone have any suggestions for the best Vitamin C?

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Why not get food based supplements like rainbow light? it is harder to overdo something that ur body recognizes as food

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