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Anybody try any RosaceaCare Products?

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I bought some things from them a while ago, while they seemingly worked I don't know how much good they actually did. So when I ran out I started using La-Roche Posay Toleriane Foaming Cleanser & Fluide. I'm confident the La-Roche is making my skin worse.

So anyway, anyone recommend I go back? I have mild acne also, but many things can irritate my skin. So far from RosaceaCare I've used:

Mild Oatmeal Cleanser
Ultra Mild Cleanser
Night Cream
Moisturizer with Willowherb & Vitamin K
Tinted Zinco ---- this says it doesn't clog pores, but I am doubtful on that.
Cooling mask (only sample)
VitaOil (only a sample)------- does this make acne worse? I've got dry skin though
Strontium Calming Lotion (sample)

For whomever has used these products, which is the best for you and what should I avoid?

Furthermore, should I go to my Derm and ask for Clenia Wash? Seems like people enjoy it.

Thanks so Much. Edited by wannawhat31

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