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Started Epiduo - killed spots but also killed my skin


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    I use Epiduo currently, it works well for me.
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Posted 06 May 2013 - 03:02 AM

Hi..I know this thread is a bit old but just thought that I'd share my story.


I was first prescribed Epiduo a few years ago, around 2010-11. I was about 12, but I had quite bad acne, even some cysts. (Previously I'd used Differin, which worked for a while, but it wasn't effective enough). After I began Epiduo my skin cleared a lot, and for a while it was mostly clear. My prescription ran out around mid-2012, and I just recently started treatment again.

Something I noticed is that for the first week your skin clears a little, then during the second-mid-third week, your skin may become flaky in the areas around your mouth, cheeks, and (ugh this is so annoying it happens a lot) underneath your eyes. The areas are light red, tight, sore, and occasionally a little itchy. Putting on moisturisers will usually sting your skin a lot, so if this happens what I recommend is papaw ointment used topically before you go to bed. Also, make sure you tone down the amount you're using, just apply it topically, at least until the irritation goes away.


After another week-two weeks your skin should have stopped flaking and be clearer than before. To prevent the flakiness happening in the future, be sure to not use too much cream, and don't dry out your skin in other ways (e.g. not using moisturiser in harsh environments, exfoliating too often or too vigorously lol, putting your face in an oven...I don't know just pretty obvious stuff really)

Epiduo is by far the most effective acne treatment I have ever used. If you've got the peeling skin problem, I recommend sticking with it for a little longer 'cause it may work out in the end!


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Posted 07 May 2013 - 06:05 AM


Hi everyone. I thought I’d post a new thread instead of my ‘last chance saloon’ essay because I’ve changed my regimen which has totally changed my skin. I’m going to quickly go over what’s been happening and end with what Epiduo has done to me. Photos of course smile.gif

My skin was at its worst about a year ago, constantly covered in active acne. It was mainly around my mouth and chin but still sporadically would appear on my forehead cheeks and nose. They would start as red lumps, then get quite big for 4 days then would get a white head for 3 days. One spot’s life would be about 2 weeks. So it was never ending.

I started getting involved with acne.org about 4 weeks ago, reading up on other people’s experiences and getting advice. I bought every supplement under the sun, spent £70 on Clinique products and would wear various different masks depending on what was in the fridge.

Emotionally I have been EXHAUSTED. It seemed hopeless. I was spending all my money on skin care, spending all my time in the bathroom and filling my head with non-stop thoughts of my skin. The worst was when it looked as if my skin was settling down… Then I’d break out all over again. It was so disheartening.

I finally got a derm appointment and she prescribed me Epiduo and Cetaphil Moisturiser. Epiduo is 2.5% Benzyl Peroxide (I’ve used BP Duac before with no results) with 0.1% adapalene (ingredients in Differin). She directed me to use it once a day. I didn’t use it for a while because I wanted to commit to a regimen for more than 6 weeks. In the end I caved.

Thursday 23rd June
Evening – I put a LOT on the affected areas + spot treated my cheeks and forehead + put it on my nose (I heard that it helps get rid of blackheads)

Friday 24th June
Morning – My skin ALREADY looked clearer. Spots that looked like they were going to explode had subsided. My skin looked a bit red/orange. Used Clinique foaming cleanser, clarifying lotion, epiduo then cetaphil. No makeup
Evening – Same regimen as morning. Wanted to double dose to enhance rapid results (WHY do I always think I am smarter than the instructions?!)

Saturday 25th June
Morning – REALLY red. Quite sore and tight. Had another promo job so needed to wear full makeup. Did routine again including the Epiduo underneath Clinique Moisturiser.

About half way through the day I couldn’t stand my face being so tight any more. My job was to be smiling and promoting but I couldn’t move my face. Looked in the mirror – my skin was PEELING OFF MY FACE! It looked HORRENDOUS. At first I thought my foundation was cracking with the strange weather but my skin was literally falling off.

Tried covering with makeup but looked worse.

Evening – took makeup off as soon as I could but my skin was just flaking so bad. I scrubbed with a teatree exfoliation wash when I got home and my skin was coming off in my hands – the sink looked disgusting.

I didn’t put any more epiduo on apart from on spots. I also put LOTS of sudocrem on the sorest areas.

Sunday 26th June

Morning (woke at 6 in pain) My spots were nearly gone but I woke up to a face that felt like it was on FIRE. I ran to the mirror and my skin was shedding even more. I called my mum in tears I was in so much pain who suggested Aloe vera. Bad choice, it stung for 20 minutes.

I gave my everyone orders “do not make me laugh or smile because it hurts and cracks my face, but please don’t make me cry because the tears sting my skinâ€. What a rubbish day. My skin carried on shedding and flaking through the day. I kept applying cetaphil and sudocrem but didn’t help. It looked like my skin was burnt.

Didn’t put any epiduo on in the night either.

Monday 27th June

My skin is still flaking but not as badly as yesterday. Only three spots left which are nearly dead. I put epiduo on again this morning and will DEFINITELY only use it once a day from now on.

Consensus so far –

Epiduo has worked at killing my spots quicker and better than ANY other treatment I have tried.

It has caused my skin to flake and be dry because I did not use as directed.

I am going to carry on using it and give updates on my progress.

Does anyone think I should stop taking any supplements to encourage oil production again because my skin is SO dry?

Photos taken Saturday and today. See my gallery for progress before smile.gif


Hi there,


I was just reading though this post and i think i recognise you from a video i watched on youtube! Did you do an epiduo review on there? I am currently using epiduo at night and also just started spironolactone (which was a nightmare to get prescribed in the UK, had to proper nag!).


Oh and i'm Abby too! haha!

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Posted 25 January 2014 - 04:41 AM

i'm angry to be honest, I hate this treatment. It's been around 1week and a 3/4 and to be honest it's just all been down hill. My skin has finally stopped peeling but my face is completely red in massive blotches, despite the use of moisturiser. My forehead is like a bomb site to say the least. 

I had very mild acne before, I just wanted something to clear it up without to much hassle and this was the exact opposite of what I got. I was probably better off just cleansing everyday cause that helped even if my face became a bit up and down. 

I heard that this treatment may take 'months' to work but honestly I don't have that sort of time, I go back to my dermatologist on the 11th February and my condition is worse, my guess is that he will give me an antibiotic or roacctuane again. 


Before when I had severe cystic acne I went on Roaccutane, it wasn't easy but it was a miracle and I felt great. After a few months my skin was getting a bit worse but it was only mild, I could have managed to be honest. But this treatment is just horrible, and I can't put up with this redness, even if the dryness isn't so bad anymore. I'm just going to go back to cleansing my face and hope that the redness goes away and my forehead decides to pipe down, then try and hold up till february so i can sort the rest out. I'm dissapointed, I waited ages for this thing and it fooled me in the first weekend that it would work but no, it's terrible. 

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 10:18 AM

Hi , I started Using Epiduo Two weeks ago.. My looks horrible now. Its red , Flaky, and dark. Area under my eye and around my Mouth has become really round and dark.


I think My skin is becoming dark due to Epiduo .Did anyone else notice this problem or is it part of treatmeant. Also, which face fash should I use to clear my skin as I have been constantly applying moisurizer due to dry and flaky skin. I want to get rid of all the cream and clear my face ?



I hope my skin become clear and it really works

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Posted 26 March 2014 - 11:26 AM

Hey guys -


I'm new to the website but thought I would share my experience. I am a 22 year old male with moderate to severe acne. I started to break out horribly when I was 20, tried everything under the sun, then decided to go on accutane. I took accutane from December of 2012 to June of 2013 and it completely cleared my skin. I didn't have one mark or trace of any acne. It was amazing (although the side effects were terrible).


Anyway, around December of 2013 I started to get a couple blemishes here and there but in January of 2014 my face broke out like crazy again. I again tried harsh retinoids and more antibiotics (never seem to work) and my face just got worse and worse.


My dermatologist prescribed Epiduo on March 8 so I am currently on day 19 of the treatment. The first two or three days my skin looked amazing. I stupidly thought this was going to be the end of my acne. Obviously the initial clearing didn't last long and I started to break out again. I am on day 19 and regardless of what happens, I am going to take it for the whole 12 weeks (and maybe longer). I am seeing slight improvement over the past couple days but not sure if I'm in the clear of the IB or not. I am hoping so considering I have some important events coming up and college graduation soon.


The hardest part for me is coping with the patience. I have "good" days and then "bad" days where I have no hope. It's frustrating and I have this obsession with researching on people's stories with the gel and seeing if I can find some inspiration to keep going. All I do is use cetaphil cleanser and cetaphil moisturizer along with the epiduo. At night I cleanse my face, put on the epiduo, let it dry for about 30 min, and then put on my moisturizer before bed.


Hoping this daily routine can clear my acne relatively soon.



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Posted 01 April 2014 - 04:29 AM

Hello guys!

Can you tell me if Epiduo has worked on your acne red marks?

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