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Tca Cross In Montreal / My Tca Cross Journey


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Posted 02 April 2014 - 11:52 AM

Hi,seems you're getting better,happy for your improvement,and i wonder how many times have you done TCA CROSS till now?Do you find scars of somewhere on your cheeks turned worse back again months later just after your TCA treatment,which really improved much better before though?The reason i ask it is because one of my friends got this problem,a month later after his TCA CROSS he really saw his scars improved much,but some of them(maybe just several) turnedback again,he used 35TCA CROSS and many of his scars got nearly 100% improvement,about half a year later these scars appears although they are still much better than comparing with the situation of no treatment,that's to say some of the scars appearred again at a 40%-70% to the serious extent,i dont know what this rebounding effect is and why,do you have this problem?I need to take TCA treatment to deal with my acne scars but fear a liitle about that........