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Tips On Getting A Healthy, Acne Free Face And Gently Repairing Scars/ Skin Damage

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Update: July 2012:

Quick Summary of Key Recommendations for clear acne free & healthy skin:

A) Start on the inside:

Alkaline, organic, raw vegan diet, gluten free & wheat free, anti-candida

1. Go raw organic wholefood vegan (no dairy, no meat, no junk food, no or minimum processed food, no bread, no pasta)

2) Have a gluten free diet & anti-candida diet (no wheat, no oats, no rye, no barley, keep sugar to minimum)

3) Eat lots of fresh superfoods raw in fresh salads with fresh lemon juice & organic virgin olive oil (sea salt) like kale, red cabbage, carrots, beetroot, fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro/ coriander, mint etc, avocado, red oinion, cos lettuce etc and nuts/ lentils/ chickpeas etc

4) Eat brown rice, wild black rice or baked potatoes for your main meal with veggies or tempeh or lentil or chickpeas or white beans or mixed nuts etc (Also, you can either make or buy quality tahini & hummus too, and use ample spices & herbs like turmeric, cumin, mint etc )

5) Eat gluten free & wheat free breakfast like amaranth cereal or quinoa with fruits/ nuts and almond milk

6) Eat a handful or two of unsalted mixed nuts daily like brazil, walnut, peanut, almond pistascio etc (make sure you're not allergic to them)

7) Eat a handful or two of mixed seeds daily i.e. sunflower, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds etc

8) Have omega 3 in your diet daily via one or a combination of the following linseeds, 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil, DHA seaweed derived supplements, chia seeds etc

9) Have a tablespoon of chlorophyl, chlorella or teaspoon of spirulina daily

10) ***Take a good vegan B complex vitamin or multivitamin which has B12 (or you can also use nutritional de-activated yeast daily which supplies B12 for vegans)

11) Take 1-3 tablespoons of 100% virgin organic coconut oil daily in a warm drink like organic cocoa with water or herbal tea like dandelion or chamomile or peppermint etc

12) Drink purified still mineral water only, stay away from toxic tap water

13) Eat lots of fruits & berries daily

14) Eat lots of veggies daily and try juicing daily with superjuices like beetroot/ carrot, apple

15) Eat lots of leafy greens daily like spinach, cos lettuce, flat leafed parsley, mint, cilantro/ coriander etc.

16) For extra boost, you can take a zinc supplement with betacaroteen.

17) Stay away from coffee, tea, soda etc...drink only pure mineral water, fresh juices or herbal teas/ organic cocoa with water etc or green/ whte tea on occasion...

18) You can eat organic, vegan dark chocolate 75-85% cocoa's packed with iron & magnesium..

19) Stay away from vinegars, processed tomato sauce etc

20) For savory treats, you can have popcorn with sea salt / and or lemon juice or a little curry powder.

21) Do not fry and NEVER use a microwave. Buy a toaster oven if needed or bake in a regular stove.

22) Lightly steam food on occasion if required.23)

23) If you suffer from regular stomach compliants, take good quality peppermint tablets like mintec or take non-dairy probiotic tablets (otherwise, drink peppermint herbal tea often and eat lots of fresh mint in your salads).

B) External:

1.Wash your skin only with water, preferably purified water

2. Go for 2-3 days without washing your skin or even longer, this helps heal the skin and return the healthy PH level on the skin's mantle

3. Wash body with pure vegetable soap like sandelwood etc

4. Get a non-toxic, natural vegan shampoo & conditioner (use sea salt too every once in a while too to disinfect & re-mineralize your hair)

5. Use a herbal (fluoride free) toothpaste, brush your teeth morning and before bed...try cleaning inside of cheeks & tongue gently too.

6. Use a natural gentle mouthwash like a few drops of organic wild oregano oil or few drops of **food grade** 3% hydrogen peroxide

7. For moderate/ severe active acne, wash skin gently with sea salt and then apply to wet skin crystal alum (crystal deodorant). This will disinfect the skin, dry the oil, and help heal it. Once the acne is under control after 1-3 months, STOP USING SEASALT WASHES & CRYSTAL ALUM AS IT'S DRYING. YOU NEED TO BE GENTLE WITH YOUR SKIN. DRY SKIN CAUSES SCARRING. So, wash only with water/ purified water once your acne is under control and use LAVENDER OIL as a spot treatment only and only use water to wash your face. If you need a moisterizer, use hyaluronic acid for oily/ young skin or organic virgin 100% coconut oil for dry or more mature/ scarred skin.

8. For skin over 30-35 or severely skin damaged skin, use beautician grade 35% glycolic acid skin peels every 2 or 4 weeks for a few months and then once every year for maintenence. Neutralize with sodium bicarbonate. Note, this might make you break out the first few times but it will eventually stop. Add hyaluronic acid or vitamin c serum afterwoods (see clearskin website). (NOTE: If you have severest acne, please see a dermatologist for a low TCA grade peel i.e. 5%- 15% ....DO NOT go any higher or you could damage the skin...and don't do this at home....this TCA skin peel is highly corrosive and will damage the skin if applied too long or wrong!!!

9. Place pure vitamin e under eyes daily to minimize wrinkles. Or use 100% virgin organic coconut oil.

10. For acne scarring/ severe red marks, you can try skin rolling. Note this takes up to a year or two to get maxmum results, but it's sure worth it! It's also less risky than laser and builds-up the skin and minimizers wrinkles longterm. Do this hygienically at home (i.e. to clean your roller before and after use, just use use hot water in a clean glass with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and whisk the roller in it for a few minutes before rinsing in clean water...then allow it to naturally dry on clean tissue paper before applying it to clean dry skin. You can store it in the refrigerator in a clean container). Use it twice weekly for 2 weeks or a month, and then stop for a month or two to heal the skin. Appy vitamin c serum or copper serum (if inflamed with red) after rolling.

11. Only use non-toxic, organic, vegan make-up if required.

12. Fresh lime juice applied directly to skin is exellent for tired or dull skin. It's also good for stopping acne breakouts. It will make your skin GLOW with HEALTH!!!

C) Exercise & Sunlight & Good Sleep:

1. Ensure you get regular yet gentle exercise daily for at least 15-45 minutes, like walking or swimming at the beach (stay away from chlorinated pools). Try and get into the fresh air often via a mountain walk, beach walk, park walk...breath deeply. You can also try yoga, dancing etc

2. Sleep in a well ventilated dark cool room. Make sure you get to bed before 9-10pm most nights and up before 7-9am. You should get between 7.5 to 10.5 hours per night. Let your body tell you what you need to feel great.

3. Get lots of direct sunlight DAILY for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour or more without getting burnt. Vitamin D is very important to health.

D) Detox:

For severe, stubborn acne, you need a major detox. Try one or a combination of these:

1. Clay bath (sacred or bentonite clay etc); clay mask or try edible clay from the health store in a drink for a week or two.

2. Activated charcoal tablets for a week or two.

3. Dandelion leaf & root tea.

4. Colloidal silver (non chemical derived & excellent quality). Take internally as directed for a few weeks and apply topically.

5. Milkthistle tablets as directed for a week or two.

5. Raw vegan super juicing 3 times per day until acne clears (i.e. beetroot/ carrot/ kale/ apple/ berries/ chlorophyll/ spinach/ spirulina) etc.

E) Maintain emotional & mental wellbeing & stability

- Get inspired, do a course or activities that help you love yourself and your life!

- Have fun! Watch a comedy or see a standup comedian. Laugh daily smile.png

- Get spiritual. Join a church, meditation group etc and get connected to good, kind & caring people.

- Move away or break toxic relationships or habits. Only invite people into your life that make you feel good and inspire you to be a better person.

- Be kind to yourself. If you fall down 7 times, then get up 8 times...

- Have time away to listen to your inner voice and be true to yourself & hopes & joys

- Keep life simple. Be grateful for simple pleasures.

- Be proactive & positive. Create goals...go for them! But be happy whatever the life & the journey...

- It's okay to have days when you need to heal & be alone. Nurture yourself. Go to a bookstore and read soul-nurturing books in the park or beach or in bed..

- Listen to uplifting music often.


- Surround yourself with things you find beautiful and uplifting.

- Try organic gardening or even plant a simple herb garden.

- Take your mind off yourself. Adopt a shelter pet FOR LIFE (if you love animals & are kind & responsible) can also volunteer at a shelter or another community group.

- Love yourself. Love your life. Love others. Be happy NOW!!! smile.png

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Recommendation: 100% ORGANIC TEA TREE OIL (brand recommended: Thursday Plantation) is great to use to keep skin supple, hydrated and acne free. PLEASE TEST ON YOUR SKIN FIRST. It can be VERY POWERFUL and too strong for some skin types (i.e. you might need only a little if your skin is fragile or hyper sensitive). Test a small patch first for 24hrs. Personally, I apply it over my face, neck & decollatage at night and morning time (avoiding the eye area - I apply pure 100% vitamin e serum instead around my eyes) and have seen Tea Tree oil do WONDERS for my skin texture. It provides great skin conditioning at a cellular level, makes my skin cells turn over faster (i.e. I sometimes peel lightly after using it for several days at high concentrations), calms red pigmentation (left over from severe benzoyl peroxide damage) and it's proven to prevent/ stop skin cancer according to a university study. NOTE: Please use this powerful essentail oil sparingly once you have your skin condition under control. It's also great for burns, tinea, skin infections, insect bites, cold sores etc.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: 8 Nov 2012 I have begun to erase my red marks & hyperpigmented (skin plus deeply moisterize my skin damaged skin so that it's 95% healed) by using NIVEA CREME (IN THE BLUE TIN, GERMAN VERSION) .

NOTE: NIVEA CREME IS NOT A GREAT LONGTERM MOISTERIZER AS IT HAS MINERAL OIL & CHEMICALS, BUT IT IS EXCELLENT SHORT TERM AS IT WILL HELP REHYDRATE YOUR SKIN LIKE NO OTHER MOISTERIZER [except for maybe La Mer which is about $200]. I have been using Nivea Creme for a short time only and already my skin has become amazingly smooth, dewy and repaired. I mix it with a little Tea Tree Oil to avoid any break-outs from using this thick rich hydrating creme. Apart from 1-2 small spots it seems to have induced on my skin, it has made my skin so hydrated, youthful and healthy looking. It's also helped erase my red pigmentation and repair/ rehydrate my severely damaged skin cells on my forehead like nothing else has!! My red pigmentation is nearly gone. And my forehead is looking hydrated and dewy. You should try it. It's very cheap (but just use Nivea Creme for a short time like 6 months, and then go to another 100% natural product). I just slather on alot of it at night before I go to sleep (basically, I place it on like a white creme face mask) and then only dab a little in the morning with tea tree oil. I also apply pure vitamin e under my eyes. Hope this info helps others.

PS I've read elsewhere on this site that Nivea Visage is also good for red marks. I haven't tried it myself but might look into later.

Nivea is helpful short-term but not long-term. It's okay to use once a blue moon under make-up (makes your skin dewey looking), but it will cause wrinkles long-term, especially around the eyes. I've stopped using it.

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Update: March 2013

Key tips:

Clear acne:

A) Eat alkaline vegan, wholefoods, mostly raw, organic, unprocessed natural foods: Lots of fruit & vegetables (i.e. strawberries, lemons, limes, avocado, carrot, baked potato with the jacket) and fresh juices with carrot, beetroot, apple. And Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, coriander, continental parsley etc. Superfoods like unhulled Tahini, spirulina, flaxseed oil, 100% virgin pure organic coconut oil, chia seeds, quinoa, super greens, lentils, chickpeas, tempeh, kale, chlorella. A good & complete multi vitamin/mineral.

B) Detox: i.e. Drink clay detox drink for a week as directed; take 1 charcoal tablet (see health food store) for a week; go to a sauna and sweat out toxins every week for a month; exercise every second or 3rd day for 1/2 hour and then at least weekly; eat coriander/ continental parsely salad with fresh lemon juice, mixed nuts/ seeds, flaxseed oil, sea salt, hummus.

C) Drink only natural alkaline spring water or fresh fruit/ vegetable juice.

D) Treat acne with natural sea salt wash with water once a day until clear. Place 100% Australian tea tree oil all over face daily to prevent break-out. Add 100% essential lavender oil to individual whiteheads (too drying to place all over skin).

E) Meditate, get sunshine daily - just don't burn (vitamin D without sunscreen), sleep in a cool and dark room and get at least 8 hours of regular sleep nightly. Do things that make you happy smile.png Surround yourself with positive, caring and supportive people!

Clear acne scarring & rough skin texture - moderate to severe: see

A) Once you have gotten the acne under contol, start using glycolic acid peels at least weekly for a month or two. Start low i.e. 15% or 20%. If you have mature or very damaged skin, work your way over 6 months to 35%. Don't go higher or you will burn your skin. I went up to 50% and made new scars on my cheek! However, it did help my molted, severly damaged forehead skin. So stick with glycolic acid 35% or under.

B) Start skin rolling/ needling daily or weekly. Only on damaged skin and acne free skin either night/ day or both. Just don't over do it. Give your skin a rest for a month to remodel itself and build collegen. Use Steiva-A or Retin-A at night or every other night i.e. .05% (along with Clear Skin Care's Clear Skin formulation with 2% hydroquonine...use only if you have severe brown spots/ discolouration, and only use a maximum for 2-3 months. This is a toxic substance). In the morning, gently skin roll/ needle and add copper serum by Clear Skin Care. Your skin will go red but after one week of using the Steive-A and Copper serum with skin needling, your skin will start to remodel, pores will shrink and scars will start to heal over DRAMATICALLY! Keep doing this for a number of months until skin completely heals. You can use Retin-A/ Steiva-A at night and Copper Serum in the morning every so often as general maintenence.

C) If you have deep scars or wrinkles, get the smallest saftey pin you can. Wash it under hot water. Then on a clean face, use a mirror in good natural light to start pricking your deep scars and wrinkles gently but enough to let very small droplets of blood to form. Leave a little space between the pricking so you don't prick the entire site. This allows some skin to remain in tact and encourage better, more even healing. Do this when you have 3 days free so the small scabs can form and naturally fall off. Don't pick off the small scabs or you wil cause more scarring.

D) Use Hyaluronic acid as a daily moisteriser. Or look for a natural, non-clogging light oil/ 100% natural vegan moisteriser.

E) Use lots of pure 100% vitamin e under your eyes to prevent wrinkles/ heal wrinkles. Use morning and night and you won't get under eye wrinkles!

Hope this helps you all. It has helped me tremendously.

[NB My benzoyle peroxide 'abuse' has made segments of my skin red & blotchy. I'm still trying to fix these without the use of laser. Hopefully after a few months the Steiva-A will start to heal my skin completely and the redness with completely vanish. Will keep you updated.]

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Posted this elsewhere: BETA GLUCAN LIQUID FROM NEW DIRECTIONS IS A MUST!!!! See 100 mls (NOTE: also17mls available)

***Please try 100% beta glucan. It conditions and heals your skin AMAZINGLY. I got mine from

Beta Glucan from is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It heals the skin from damage and rapidly strengthens the epidermis. (It also helps to heal redness/ rosacea and hospitals use it on burns patients for 1st and 2nd degree burns to heal the skin and regrow it.

Lastly, here's a blurb from a Doctor from this rosacea support group website re the efficacy of beta glucan topical:


"Hi Group,

I have put a lot of time trying to figure out what products used for burn victims might have medical applications for rosacea. So far, at the top of the list is the prescriptin strenght growth factor creams clinically test on rosacea sufferers. Excellent results. Top notch.

I have been visiting the Emergency Room at some of our sister hospitals (Clarian Health). They are using Beta-Glucan on first and second degree burns (not third). This is used for several reason:

1. An extremely potent anti-inflammatory

2. Very potent soothing qualities and abolishes burning sensations

3. Cell renewal and epidermal thickner (just as good as the 20 growth factors).

No studies on rosacea sufferers yet. But it is available. I would wait because rosacea trials by independent laboratories are on the way as they see a huge market with our disorder. I really like this product. Facial plastic surgeons have the most experience with this product and can actually show you how it immediately calms down skin redness post resurfacing procedures by placing it on one half of the face for just a few days. This will be a part of rosacea recovery in the future. Below is a short blurb.

Today, Combining history and science, oat beta-glucan renewal cell complex is available for use in both medical and cosmetic applications. Originally formulated for use in intensive burn therapy, oat beta-glucan isused worldwide to aid in the burn recovery process. From burn therapy to cosmetic surgery, oat beta-glucan is used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists to ease discomfort and assist healing of facial resurfacing procedures such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Today, the anti-aging oat beta-glucan renewal cell complex is a direct extension of the medical benefits derived from this proven technology."


You can also take it in capsule form. It helps cure everything from acne to cancer!!! See A Reliable Source of Information on Beta Glucan.

Also, if you can, try this green super food supplement (or equivalent) containing chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass that you can place in a glass of fresh juice daily. It's great for the skin and health and detoxes your body: https://www.synergyn...per-greens.html

Lastly, I've not tried this brand myself, but the ingredients used in this brand sound excellent (and its creator seems to know what she's talking about). It's called Pure Skin Junkie. This might be a good brand to use longterm. I'm thinking of getting a few products myself. I will update if I do use them and give an appraisal. NB Check-out the before and after shows good results:

And here's another useful link that offers advice on what active ingredients help the skin. Good general information to help in educating your skin treatment choices: http://www.skinperfe...m/products.html

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G) Another breakthrough!!! (posted elsewhere but have to update my log)

1 Aloe Vera and Marine Collagen Rejuvenating Moisturizer $7.15 (100mls) http://shop.newdirec...=41505&x=35&y=4

2 B5 ($8.80) 17 g http://shop.newdirec...53163&x=40&y=11 Only buy store bought dermatological products with B5

3 B3 Niacinamide15 g ($7.70) http://shop.newdirec...=53155&x=49&y=8 Only buy store bought dermatological products with B5 ; too strong to use indivudually and could damage skin...

4. Gentle Skin Cleansing Lotion $4.40 (100mls) http://shop.newdirec...=41063&x=58&y=6

"The B3 Niacinamide and the Aloe Vera and Marine Collagen from New Directions helped my severly damaged forehead skin (which looked like old leather at it's worst stage) was depleted of nutrients and blood supply since it atrophied from using Benzoyl Peroxide (and other toxic acne products prior to being vegan and eating very healthy) over many years. The skin rolling helped greatly along with the copper peptides, Retin A, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, glycolic peels etc. However, NOTHING compares to the niacinamide (in conjunction with the Aloe Vera & Marine Collagen Moisturizer). I place a generous amount of moisturizer on my palm and the spinkle about 1/5 to 1/4 1/10 of a teaspoon of the B3 niacinamide to it and mix in my palm with my finger and slather it on (NOTE: you have to watch it go on for 1/2 hour in the mirror as little white patches appear where you need to add more moisturizer as the skin tends to drink it in...and the B3 niacinamide gently brightens and lightens your skin too...). Just keep a hand mirror beside you to check every 5 or 10 minutes over the hour to ensure that you moisturize those white patches so they don't lighten that area too much.

However, this stuff is MAGIC to sun damaged, chemical damaged, leathery coarse skin, damaged skin, orange peel skin, acne damaged skin, collagen loss skin, rosacea, red skin, pigmentation, rolling scars etc. Along with the Aloe vera + Marine Collagen moisterizer (which also contains shea butter, vitamin e, almond oil etc), it has literallly transformed my skin before my eyes. In my case, I do need to use a lot of it. And now, my skin condition's better now than it was over 10 years ago!!! I TOTALLY recommend this stuff...I also place the the B5 directly onto my skin (I tap it on because it's thick and tacky), and then add the rest. Btw, I store all these things in a paper bag in the fridge to keep them fresh.

Here are some links about Niacinamide:


In future, I am going to keep adding nutrients/ active ingredients ... There are so many things to try now that I have seen concrete personal evidence that potent vitamins/ natural active ingredients can do WONDERS for the skin in concentrated forms. I always knew intuitively that my skin was "hungry" for nutrients but I wasn't sure what ones and didn't realize that direct topical applications of these nutrients could deliver such stunning results in a short amount of time. This is a life changing revelation for me. I hope you continue searching for solutions too...they are out there, and clear, healthy skin is within reach..."

PS SIT IN A WARM Steaming detox bath (with sea salt or epsom salts) for 45 minutes to 1 hour with a generous amount of beta glucan + B5 + Aloe Vera + Marine Collagen Moisturizer + B3 on your face (NOTE be careful with mixing the B3 powder well to the moisturizer and add about 1/8 to 1/5 1/10 of a teaspoon of B3 NB it can lighten your skin so test it first to see how much you need)...this will seep into your skin and work MIRACLES.!!! YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY smile.png After bath, just wash it off and and apply a fresh amount to your skin for bedtime.

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My Current Regime:

It's worked miracles for me, I highly recommend it...

A) Gently cleanse with the gentle cleansing lotion from New Directions

B) Air dry face

C) Apply Beta Glucan liquid from New Directions, let it seep in for 2 minutes

D) Then Apply B5 from New Directions (it's super thick so just tap it gently around your face) on top of the Beta Glucan

E) Then Sprinkle B3 Niacinamide powder on your clean palm (just a little bit like 2 or 3 shakes of a salt shaker or 1/10 to 1/8 of a teaspoon in the beginning, but then ease off to a few skakes latter, as B3 can lighten skin and at high levels isn't great for your liver, but otherwise, it's a super nutrient your body and skin needs to be healthy - it also stops acne). Then apply a generous amount Aloe Vera + Marine Collagen Moisturizer from New Directions onto your palm and mix it with the B3. Apply the mixture liberally to your face and neck/ decollatage .

F) For individual whiteheads/ cysts, apply 100% essential tea tree oil and 100% essential lavender oil...If you have really active acne; try applying the tea tree oil onto your entire face for a week to get rid of acne bacteria/ fungus etc. The lavender oil is far too drying for the entire face, so use in only on individual pustules etc.

G) Optional: Sit in a steaming warm detox bath with epsom salts for 45 minutes to 1 hour with the above on your really seeps into the open pores. After, just wash off and reapply fresh amount.

H) I also add the Retin A/ Steiva A .05% with copper peptides to the mix every 2 or 3 night. I now skin roll once a week or every two weeks. (see clearskincare, I'm stopped using glycolic acid peels for now (at least 4 - 6 months) as I went overboard with it and need to repair my skin. But my skin is looking better now than it has in 10 years!

I) Store all your products in the fridge to keep them fresh.

~ Peace ~ smile.png

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Update: Current Regime - Late May 2013

A) Gently cleanse with the gentle cleansing lotion from New Directions i.e.

B) Air dry face

C) Apply Beta Glucan liquid from New Directions, let it seep in for 2 minutes

D) For individual whiteheads/ cysts, apply 100% essential tea tree oil and 100% essential lavender oil...If you have really active acne; try applying the tea tree oil onto your entire face for a week to get rid of acne bacteria/ fungus etc. The lavender oil is far too drying for the entire face, so use in only on individual pustules etc.

E) Optional: Sit in a steaming warm detox bath with epsom salts for 45 minutes to 1 hour with the above on your really seeps into the open pores. After, just wash off and reapply fresh amount.

F) Daily - morning and night 2 x 30 minute massages (firmly yet gentle) with one middle finger while using other hand to hold a handheld mirror up to good light so that I target all scars/ flaws. (I only use beta glucan & my natural skin oil for this...).

G) Weekly skin needling session with beta glucan. (Roller derma from

H) Store all your products in the fridge to keep them fresh.

I) 2 x fresh veg/ fruit juice with 1 scoop of chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass see:

~ Peace ~ smile.png

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