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Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

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Posted Today, 07:52 AM

It is quite peculiar that some of these very same side effects are seen in people who have taken their other drugs: ex. Lariam, Finasteride

It's also a bit peculiar that some people can go through chemotherapy at age 40 and completely make a 180 in terms of side effects and regain their health back to optimal levels. It really makes you wonder what was in this Accutane.



I have a good friend who was treated for lymphoma in his early 20s, had terrrible side effects from the chemo, and is nearly fully-recovered at 35. Has children, sex-drive recovered after the chemo ended, and no major health problems. He lived a typical American lifestyle and ate a typical American diet during those 15 years . Meanwhile, I took a standard-dose course of Accutane at 18 y/o, have been unable to have children, am practically impotent, and had a slew of other physical and neurological chemo side effects that never ended. This is with plenty of reluctant physical activity and a contantly-improving diet over nearly 15 years.


It is peculiar. A shame nobody outside of our little circle really gives a fuck though.



This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone here but much of this content sounds strikingly familiar:

A Guide to Chemotherapy: Chemo side effects


What's so odd is most of the side effects came in a wave after 3 months of cessation. Meaning I was actually living a normal life for 3 entire months after the last pill. That's so crazy to think about. Like how is that medically possible?

It's so funny when you tell a doctor about your side effects and they ask if you have discontinued the use of it and say "well it should be out of your blood by now" and I just stare at them and think to myself "No shit, sherlock."

I've read reports of people going years without a side effect and then 10+ years later having to have their pancreas removed. That's why its pretty amusing when people say they developed no side effects from accutane. Yea, well unless you are able to see into the future of your entire life line...And by then people are unable to make the correlation between the two.


It's almost impossible to prove from a medical standpoint, so you can imagine even moreso in a court of law. And even if we could, we live in a day and age where litigators will argue past marijuana and or alcohol use as a culprit before they will target any pharmaceutical drugs. That's just how it is in the United States. This system is designed to protect the interests of the billion dollar companies over the interests of individuals.

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Posted Today, 08:41 AM

Well isotretinoin is a chemo drug so obviously it has long term side effects any honest derm will tell you Accutane treats acne WITH  side effects . Allopathic medicine is barbaric and primitive indeed . If you take a poison what do you expect to happen to your body . I would recommend RSO oil / pot  for those with serious side effects and most important limit alcohol intake the two don't mix well.

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