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Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

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Posted Yesterday, 05:54 PM



I'm pissed off that there are no solutions for many people that have permenant, lifelong acne. I have wasted thousands of fucking dollars over the years on derms and natural shitty methods and nothing has worked at all. I can try Accutane and then end up fucked up like everyone else in this thread, though.

Fucked up like everyone else in this thread? This is rude. Please leave, you are no good here!


It's the truth. though. I don't want to end up a screwed up individual with all of the side effects that everyone else has in here.


Good, stick around. If that makes one person stay away from accutane then it's worth it. If you've got severe acne you need to move your lymph system. Hormones increase in puberty, hormones are shuttled from your cells via the lymphatic system, if the lymph is congested you end up with acne because your backed up and the body uses the skin as the third elimination organ (skin is your third kidney). This is the same with ezcema, psoriasis, dermatitis it's all lymph.


Type in how to move lymph in google and start doing the things it suggests, rebounding, dry skin brushing, lymphatic herbs all of them and you'll see improvement's in your acne in time..

your body does NOT use acne as a way to detoxify!  that is utterly ridiculous. inflammation is not a detoxifying response.  acne is an immune response


here is a limited explanation



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Posted Yesterday, 06:10 PM

More manganese , probiotic and accutane connections



Pathway......Accutane ---> increased ROS levels> increased need for mnSOD > increased need for MnSOD meanwhile depletes the small Mn stores > L. plantarum 299 needs Mn to grow and survive > loss of L.plantarum > increased inflammatory response > IBD

Sufficient Manganese and mnSOD + lots of viable L Plantarum 299 (introduced by a probiotic )= lots of  propionic acid to  reduce immune response and reduce inflammation response


mnSOD and SOD= manganese zinc copper iron
again... i think accutane depletes our bodies of certain minerals/cofactors/enzymes.  We can eat healthy, do liver flushes or kidney cleanses, drain the lymph, look at your eyeballs??! etc etc.   thats all well and good, but logically, if it was that easy, everyone wouldve been fixed of these long term side effects in short order. Cleanses DO NOT correct deficiencies.  Like fasting, they might make it easier for your body to absorb nutrients in the future...but I believe a more drastic approach is needed with supplementation in the right combination and dosage. This includes active B vitamins, certain minerals and probiotics.
the manganese > probiotic > propanoic acid chain....



The making of propanoic acid gives acne bacteria their scientific name, Propionibacterium acnes.





3) L. plantarum has a high growth requirement for manganese and can accumulate high 

intercellular levels of manganese (Archibald and Fridovich 1981b). Manganese provides a 
defence for L. plantarum against oxygen toxicity by the reduction of oxygen radicals (ROS) to 
H2O2 (Archibald and Fridovich 1981a). The produced H2O2 can then be converted to and water by manganese cofactored pseudocatalase (Kono and Fridovich 1983a, 1983b). O2Göran Molin, 2008-01-25
Lactobacillus plantarum 299 2
Catalase= major detoxification pathway
Because ibuprofen is a derivative of propionic acid and L. plantarum can generate large quantities of this acid from dietary fiber, we are inclined to suggest that propionic acid exerts a specific antiinflammatory action through a hitherto unknown mechanism, perhaps related to the activation by ibuprofen of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α, which modulates the nuclear transcription factor κB and reduces the production of inflammatory cytokines by monocytes-macrophages (30).   
Lactobacillus plantarum = sauerkraut,kimche,pickles etc
http://www.goodbelly.com/    an easy source for the 299v genetic subset
more on L. Plantarum:

and i found this reading the comment section...somebody else made the connection in supplementing this as well:

Another thing i have been interested in is co-factors of the various bacteria. For example L.Plantarum has manganese dependent process that help it scavenge oxygen radicals.http://microbewiki.k...al_implications

Therefore supplementing with manganese alongside the L.Plantarum may be very beneficial.



Since taking manganese and a probiotic containing L plantarum  (NOW 25 billion 10 strain) for two weeks, I have lessened my gastritis problems i have had for years by 90% !  im now going to add the 299v strain as well.  I'm now convinced that this is how Accutane causes IBD/Crohns.  My hope now is that manganese along with other cofactors will help my tendons and joints by being a major co-factor for collagen and hyaluronic acid.  I think the activated Bs will open up detoxification pathways, minerals will correct enzyme problems and Choline ( as Alpha GPC) and TMG will in the long term, to rid the body of any residue and reestablish a correct bile flow.

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Posted Today, 09:19 AM

i posted earlier about iron that got depleted in accutane suffers(cases and internet anacdote), and also about copper decreasing adverse effects of hyper-vitaminosis A.

i fonud the next in a forum, maybe this expalins the iron-copper posiible problem after accutane.


''As I wrote previously, if you are tested as high ferritin then you can be 99% certain you have high iron stored in the liver and possibly elsewhere.However, if you have a low serum ferritin, it is not accurate to say you have low iron stores. This is because there are two types of ferritin. One is the serum ferritin protein that contains little or no iron. Serum ferritin is formed on the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in the liver. The other form is storage ferritin which is formed on free ribosomes.

When the body is deficient in manganese, these ER structures become swollen and elongated and unable to adequately produce serum ferritin. Thus, a low serum ferritin reading may be indicative of malfunctioning ER structures, which has been shown to track back to riboflavin deficiency in the dogs (and one human client that was blood tested as manganese deficient) that I did liver biopsy research with. All the dogs had over accumulated iron and copper in their livers, but could not release it from storage due to the malfunctioning ER structures.''


later on this page and(trying to help 2014 already cited  this here):

''The dog was started on just 2 doses of B2, at 6.25mg/dose. He very slowly and gradually was increased to his current dosage of 25 mg. of B2, 8 times a day and twice during the night for the past 3 months''

''Currently, he continues to improve as his black deposits are fading, hes stopped having a black discharge from his ears, he no longer licks and chews at his groin and can now be peaceful when at the grooming salon where the owner works. His retest chart indicates that his stores of B2 have not begun to improve. However, his iron and copper indicate much better usage by the liver. Better usage = elimination as well as ability of the liver to manufacture more carrier proteins to work with the extra iron. His manganese level is coming up, indicating that he has enough B2 to convert Folic acid to its active form, which activates choline, which allows the liver to store manganese. When you can retain manganese, the ER structures in the liver keep healing and as they heal more iron and copper can be released.''

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