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Can too much beta carotene mimick the effects of accutane?

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Basically Ive been going a little crazy with the beta carotene lately, eating loads of carrots......anyway its got to the point where my skin has a slightly orange tinge and my body is definately overloaded with beta carotene.

My skin has definately been a bit clearer recently despite my diet not being all too great. Ive also started experiencing some weird accutane-esque side effect symptoms

1. My back will ache for no reason from time to time (I used to get back ache real bad when I was on tane).

2. Ive started flushing quite easily, similar to how I used to back when I was on tane.

3. Facial skin seems to be flakier than usual

4. Facial skin also seems to be redder than usual.

5. Lastly my scalp has developed a bit of seborrheic dermatitis, although Ive recently stopped using shampoo so that could explain that.

So can too much beta carotene in the body mimick the effects of accutane? I kind of feel like im on a really low dose of tane at the moment, although it seems milder.

I know that my body is basically getting as much vitamin A that it needs since Ive got so much beta carotene floating around, so I guess the real question is, can a high (but safe) amount of vitamin A mimick accutane side effects?

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tried it and the answer is no.

but riboflavin supposedly has a major role in retinoic acid production.

so get your vitamin a(retinol) RDA only, no overdoses, and riboflavin.

that info is basically a given though, i realize there is nothing fancy about this recomendation.

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