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Hey guys are you looking for a helpful first step to heal your redmarks ? instead of waiting what could take months too fade. My derm and mom taught me this helpful tips that helped my red marks go away :drool:

tip one ( method of exfoliation) this step is really obvious cause in order to have new healthy skin to replace the pigmented cells you have to help by removing the dead skin sitting on top in order for them to grow :)

i'm not a fan of abrasive exfoliaters because i find that they can be too rough on acne skin so i recommend a chemical natural exfoliater like apple cider vinegar , lemon juice, and find a peeling gel which is basically a gel with cellose that will take away all dead skin (even dead skin that is residing deep within your skin ) i recommend laniege peeling gels <3 a pescription product that is a chemical exfoliater that is said to help with redmarks is retin a or differn because it increases cell turnover but be careful because it is very harsh if not used sparingly

tip two heal

red marks are due to the over production of melanin in an area of inflammation (zit) so to help soothe and heal it you can use aloe and honey to heal the damaged skin it works wonders trust me

tip three lighten

to lighten the darkened skin cells you can use many whitening products that do not work in the market to lighten the marks you can mix a combination of cumccumber and lemon juice to both soothe lighten and treat. don't think i'm weird but twice a week i like to rub papaya on my face just a thin slice and rub i all over for an even complexion and leave it on for 20 minutes because papaya has a natural enzyme that helps cell turnover :) you can also lighten marks and treat acne with an amazing mask of tomato juice/pulp because tomato contains lycopene which is an amazing antioxidant witch protect skin from damage . to also help lighten skin rinse your face with diluted apple cider vinegar its full of amazing alpha hydroxy and amino acid that dissolve dead skin cells and malic acid witch breaks apart scar tissue .

a good mask to use once in a while that benefits acne marks is a egg white faciel because egg whites is full of vitamin b and other amazing nutrients the helps act like a bandage to your red marks and it won't totally heal it but will help promote the healing process and watch this mask give you skin a nice renewed look :)


to start treating redmarks start from the inside out drink lemon water to help detox the body and it als helps skin shed dead skin faster and drink green tea for its antioxidant value i recommend putting on A moisturizing oil on marks at night to keep them elastic (because moisturized skin heals faster) so you can use jojoba oil rosehip oil or vitamin e :D

well that was alot i can't guarentee that this will work for everyone because we are all different but i can say for myself that these tips really got rid of my red marks

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Turmeric is INCREDIBLE against PIH !!!

omg i was going to put that but i never tried it where do you buy it hehe

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