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I'm back from a trip me and some friends took.

What interested me was that none of my 5 friends (who have good skin) had any special face regimen that kept them from breaking out. All we used was Dove Soap (for sensitive skin).

Most of them took showers 2x a day and just used this soap on their faces.

This makes me wonder what I first did about acne.. It was about 5 years ago when I first started breaking out. At that point I wasn't washing my face with soap, let alone 2x a day. Naturally I freaked and bought some Oxy pads and started getting harsher on my skin. Throught the years I tried many products that just irrated my skin.

I guess I'm going back to a more reasonable regimen.. washing 2x a day with Dove sensitive skin soap. Plus I'm going to put 100% aloe vera gel on my face 2x a day. I'll keep everyone updated on my progress in the weeks to come.

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