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Retinol with topical antibiotic

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Hi everyone!

I do not usually breakout, but recently had the worst breakout of my life. My dermo prescribed retinol and an oral + topical antibiotic. I cannot take the oral, because I have a light bowel disorder (and read it could make things worse), so I am using the retinol and topical antibiotic. I am worried about the initial breakout, as I am going to Ireland in 2 weeks, and would hate to have a face full of pimples while I'm there (I know, kind of superficial). But, my dermo said I would bypass the IB with the antibiotics. However, since I am only taking one, I am concerned. And of course she is too busy to return my calls.

What do you think? Do you think the topical antibiotic should be enough to ward off the IB? I am on .5 retinol 3 days per week, and the topical antibiotic the other 4 days. Also, I have a very clean diet, intake very low sugar and have been drinking a lot of water and moisturizing 2-3 times per day with DML.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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