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QUOTE (drifter88 @ Sep 13 2004, 06:45 PM)
  Dont get me wrong, u kno a lot of big words and info on how the body works whne it comes to training, but please dont say anything until uve done interval 8-10 400's at 58-60s every day for half a year. Then u can tell me if ur legs have gotten stronger.


You're wrong - its as simple as that. I challenge you to find proof that a NON-RESISTANCE exercise can cause muscle hypertrophy. And you know what? I used to run track and long distance competetively and I can definitely attest that my leg muscles became more toned, but did not become larger. They became smaller yet more ripped and defined. Resistance in the form OF WEIGHT is required for hypertrophy.

I usually try to post studies myself, but lets have a role reversal here....because I'm sick of people making unsubstantiated statements that are inaccurate.

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