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Leo's Last solution

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Posted 22 February 2005 - 10:24 PM

QUOTE(coLe @ Aug 11 2004, 02:01 PM)
Yeah no doubt, and I posted in their forums, and they are all reallllly biased.  Leo is god to them and they would suck goats milk from his nipples if they could.

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LMAO i am currently restraining myself from pissing my pants

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Posted 25 February 2005 - 12:05 PM

this is too funny I just ordered the 'ebook' two days ago and I thought I was the only one who thought it's bs. I live in il by chicago where in the hell am I gonna find a farm that has goats and how am I gonna approach the farmer and tell him I 'want unpaisturized goat milk for animal purposes?' give me a break and then you have to make yogurt with it and put some other salts or something to mix in it. on top of all that he lists like 30 different vitamins to take like who's gonna do that? I can see some sense in this book but for the modern day person all this is just not practical. So I've decided I am not gonna stalk any farmers for some goat milk I did a search online for goat's milkand found something by garden of life-it's powdered goat milk for like 30 bucks so I might get that I dunno. I know one thing's for sure I'm getting my 40$ dolars back, paying 40$ just to learn about goat's milk is not worth it.

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Posted 25 February 2005 - 06:57 PM

Reading some of your reactions to Leo's book has disappointed me.
Some people haven't even tried it and are rubbishing it already!
Let me tell you I am 20 years old and started getting acne when I was 12. As you can imagine my teen years have been decimated and been complete shit.
Anyway to cut a long story short I found Leo and his book when I was 16, a time when I was at a really low point. Can you imagine I didn't have a credit card to purchase the book and I was so confused and desperate about finding a solution, so I shot an email to Leo in the hope that he would have pity on me and send me the e-book free and what happens? low and behold he emails me a copy free!
In the following months I sent him many emails, most of them repetitive and most already answered in the e-book. However he was very helpful and replied to everything! He was so patient with me even though I took the piss.

Anyway since then he’s updated his book, so since I had got a little older and after noticing huge improvements with my acne following his protocols on bowel cleansing and liver cleansing, I decided I wanted to put something back into his research as well as a thank you, so purchased the new version.

I can tell you from experience his information is invaluable. He has completely given me a life since the age of 17 to this day. I really don’t know where I would have got such accurate and detailed information that actually worked.
His methods work because quite simply he experienced it and he went through his own battle with acne which led to a chain of events that led to him piecing the “acne puzzle� together. So like he says "listen to people with experience not people who think they know how to do something".

Anyhow I just wanted to reply to this thread because I wanted to show my support for a guy who has done so much for me and felt I couldn’t stand by and listen to people slag him off.
Currently he is working on a very big research project. He hinted he "wants to see the world free of disease" and that "people should live much longer than the average life expectancy" so I believe he is doing some work along those lines. And he is dead right, in fact his acne program goes a long way of getting a person back to his/her peak health.

So all I’ll say is before criticizing and judging something try it first. If not then you are just one of those people who moans, moans and moans without actually doing anything and putting the effort in. You want instant results. So you actually feel years of abusing your body will be fixed in one day. As they say acne sufferers wants results like yesterday.....and I can so so relate to that.

I think I have gone on quite a bit, so gonna wrap it up, for those who wanna help themselves all I can say is get his program, and if all you can do for now is liver purges do them, they made a huge difference for me and gave me the encouragement to go on. C ya
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