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Vitamin B5(pantothenic acid) IB

vitamin vitamins pantothenic pantothenic acid vitamin b vitamin b5

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Posted 26 June 2010 - 10:45 AM

Hi guys.

Just wanted to let you know what i noticed the last few days.

I started using 1 / 2 x 550mg B5 by Solgar with really great results. The thing is that each bottle with 50 capsules costs like 27 euros in my country. Kinda expensive i'd say.

So i searched and found B5 by Swanson, 500mg x 250 capsules per bottle for the same price.
I instantly bought that and started using it as i run out of Solgar B5.

So it was alright the first few days but the last 2-3 days now im noticing that the effects of B5 stopped and my skin is coming back like it was before B5 (not so good!). After some searching and reading i found out that other users reported different results with brands as well. Most reccomended is Solgar and Twinlab.

I of course now wait for my (expensive oompf.gif) bottle of Solgar to start using it again and im sure that i will see results again.

Out of curiocity, did anyone try with any other brand than Twinlab and Solgar and had good results? Also, in what quantity every day?


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Posted 23 June 2011 - 07:53 AM

To all you vitamin b5 users out there be very careful and dont over do it i was taking them for roughly 2 years starting at a lower dosage before upping it to 10grams a day for one whole year (crazy i know) and yes i do really regret it because now ive been diagnosed with coeliac disease sad.gif and i know 100% this is what caused it

I come from a very healthy family with no history of coeliac disease so i havent inherited it

I was suffering for 2 years with stomach problems,hair loss,dry skin,constipation,diarrea,fatigue etc without knowing what was wrong i made several trips to the doctors but they couldnt find anything wrong apart from low vit d levels so i had to go on suffering until i came across coeliac disease on the internet and started to make all the connections so i went back to the doctors told them what i thought was wrong and it turns out i have coeliac disease and im also allergic to wheat

Since removing gluten and wheat from my diet ive bin seeing some gradual changes in my hair and skin in a good healthy way

I just wish i had a mature head on my shoulders back then and wouldnt of bin so stupid in taking all them tablets because now i have to live with this forever theres no cure sad.gif

I wish i knew how b5 has caused this could it have changed the way my digestive system works or has it took something out of my body that i needed to break down food i dont know but wish i did

Goodluck to all the rest of you i just hope you dont have to go through what i do and IF you do start to get any of the symptoms i mentioned then get it checked out you could have coeliac disease aswel