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Absorption of vitamins/minerals

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Hi, i'm taking some supplements right now, but i'm wondering if they get absorped correctly. I just wanna sum up the things i think/know already. Please fill in. I think a lot of people are wasting tons of money by taking supplements which barely get absorped.

- vit E is oil-soluble, so don't drink a lot of water with it????

- tea / coffee blocks the absorption of trace elements (maybe vitamins too), so don't take them togheter

- your body absorps best in the morning

- don't take zinc with a lot of fibres/vegetables because that blocks the absorption

- vitamins/minerals absorp better when you've eaten something??? I think this is because they stay in your stumach longer

- maybe i should take my vit E/zinc with my lunch?? i eat my meat then. So vit E is oil-soluble, meat contains lot of fats: ok, zinc is naturally present in meat, so adding zinc would be fine.

- i spread out my fish oil capsules over the day (2 after each meal), dont know if this is right

-maybe we should take our vitamins after some fruit??? Most fruit contain enzymes which enhance the absorption.

Anyone know anything more about this topic?? Like what stuff we can't eat togheter??? I know some guys have more info about zinc. I'm also interested in green thea.

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I recall the oil soluble vitamins should be taken with a fatty meal--eggs, butter, or something with fat so they can be broken down.

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