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Posted 30 October 2012 - 10:44 PM

I used to smoke weed all the time, almost everyday and it never brought upon acne. I was actually my clearest during that time.

Oxy Maximum Face Wash

Dickinson's Witch Hazel

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion SPF15

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Posted 01 November 2012 - 06:47 PM

As stated earlier in the thread my skin actually got worse after I quit. I smoked everyday for around 6 years and I had clear skin. A month after stopping my face went crazy :/

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Posted 03 November 2012 - 10:46 PM

LOL @ the people in this thread saying "you shouldn't do that, that's illegal!". At some point you have to rationalize for yourself and not consider a law an absolute and just truth. Many people say that its prohibition was pursued due to financial concerns and so a law such as marijuana being schedule 2 could potentially directly be linked to someone afraid of losing money. It is easy to see that such laws like this should have no repercussions on citizens and is this null and void.

That said, no there is no way marijuana could give you acne. The effects on your hormones are minimal. Unless you have acne stemming from lung or respiratory issues, in which case you shouldn't be smoking anything.

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 05:51 PM

Marijuana is what cured my acne. weed has the perfect 3:1 ratio of omega fats. Nothing on this earth has that perfect ratio. I ordered some hemp seed moisturiser and hemp seed oil. I put the moisturizer on my face after every shower and i showers once a day not every 2 hours like i used to because my skin was too oily. I drink one sip of of hemp seed oil after each meal and i have had clear skin for a year since i started using it. When i stopped smoking weed in university for a short while my acne went from moderate to golf ball size bumps cystic acne espically on my forehead. I was so embarrased that i missed 2 weeks of classes. Then i started smoking weed again, it didnt make it go away but it certeantly lessen the severity of it . Then the day came when i came across the magics of hemp seed oil. It is legal and thc free(if it had thc it wouldnt be legal).so i ordered both the moisturizer and the drinkable oil. It was the absolute best descesion i ever made. It worked almost instantly. My face actually turned out less oily in about 3 days and the size of my zits started getting smaller. Within a month I had absolutley no pimples on my face or body because drinking the oil got rid of it. I must say it is the grossest crap i have ever drink but it is leaps and bounds worth the taste and the 50 dollars a month. Take my advice and trust me you will not regret it. I purpusley made this account just to share this story so other people don't have to go thru the embarrasing turmoil that i used to go thru. Drinking this stuff and putting it on your face will make those pimples just vanish into thin air.

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 06:31 PM

I think the problem with this thread, is there is too much of the following :

- Arguing about the pros and cons of MJ. This thread is about Acne in relation to MJ.
- Very quick observations of causation and correlation between Acne and MJ

I personally do not believe that Marijuana will improve the skin in the long run.

I've been a long time smoker of more than a decade. I'm no amateur to this, I'm the guy who smoked before brushing his teeth and then smoked again "because the day would be more interesting." Part of this was to escape from having acne. I just turned 30 a few months ago, which prompted my motivation to stop, and proceed with a new diet. I feel incredible right now...

I have a theory behind Marijuana's effects on the human body in relation to acne. To explain it all, I'm going to break this up into a few sections.

Marijuana and Hormones

Unless you're the one growing the plant, you have no idea what goes into it or how flushed the plant is of growth chemicals.

The way your body will interact with these chemicals is a mystery, as everyone's body is different. Fact is, Marijuana will change your body's hormonal balance.

This will cause or clear your acne temporarily, as an imbalance is introduced, but the inverse and final result, is acne.

Marijuana and Skin Clearing Phenomenon

- If you're a newbie to smoking marijuana and experience a clearing of your acne when smoking weed, I can only assume that your stress level has been lowered by acne. The body responds well to stress relief, but this isn't all that's necessary to control acne, obviously. It is merely one thing that will help. Curing acne requires a lifestyle change.

- If you've had clear skin, and you break out after smoking MJ, you should probably stop. This is your body's way of saying it is bad stuff.

- If you've been smoking for a long time and your acne has stabilized, and you break out after quitting, this is your body's way of balancing itself. You're going to have to undo the damage you've done to your body. There's inflammation and likely a host of other problems, including a weak liver.

Marijuana and Carcinogens

Both, MJ and cigs contain the same carcinogens that cause cancer. Before we know it, we'll have a health epidemic if we continue to spread the misinformation that MJ is harmless.

Fact is, most people smoke it out of a tall bong, or rolled up in a blunt. This ravages hell on your lungs, and after a while, your body is doing a great deal to compensate for this.

Marijuana Binge Eating and Lifestyle

The final and ultimate cause, would be that MJ causes the individual to crave things like sugar, which cause acne. This logic needs very little explanation.

While MJ can be beneficial to sleep, it ultimately should not be relied upon to regulate a person's sleep cycle.

MJ can also make you too lazy to wash your face, or get you into a skin picking trance without even knowing it.

Marijuana and Overall Health

If we can look at health as a percentage value, I'd say everyone has the potential to be... close to 100%.

Let's say you're at 80% health. Smoking MJ will NOT make you go up to 85% health. In fact, MJ lowers the body's lung capacity by at least 5% or more, which contributes to less oxygen in your bloodstream.

At the risk of sounding like a raving lunatic, I'm going to have to conclude that MJ contributes to acne by declining your health and does nothing but give you a temporary remission, at best.

If you absolutely must smoke... I have to convince you to first stop, heal your body, and then try it again. If you have a breakout, there you have it. Only you know what will happen and only you can can make that choice.

The key word is MODERATION.

You might break out, but at least it will be mild in comparison to adopting a lifestyle where you are smoking weed, on top of other things.

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