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AMVC spontaneous scarring

fish oil

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Posted 27 July 2015 - 08:58 AM

I also took retin-a over the summer to rid myself of some tiny bumps on my ski, I think they were just clogged pores from the heat and sweat.  Like that woman reported, I got hit with huge pores all over my cheeks and nose, and a bunch of tiny scars and scarred pores.  I had that creeping feeling and itchy feeling on my face as well but I had just started a real job and was googling all kinds of crap about my face at work.  My oil production was exploding and I think honestly the feeling was just the sebaceous glands kicking into 10th gear from my hormones and anxiety. I went on accutane after that because all of those enlarged pores clogged up terribly.  I said that about the oil and itchyness because I don't get it anymore at all, not nearly as much oil anymore obviously.  I am about 2 weeks off accutane.  Still seems like new scars are forming but hard to tell, if I take the flashlight on my iphone and hold it to my cheeks I can see like scattered light pink/purple areas and usually (but not always), a shallow scar forms there.  I guess I probably shouldn't be exposing my face to a light like that?  

What else, uhhhh pores every where for sure however I think I may be improving a tiny bit.  Accutane was irritating my skin and perhaps making it worse to a degree, so a little rest and relaxation has been nice for it.  Ive noticed the past few months that I seem to have rosacea or something.  Any mildly stressful situation and I can feel my cheeks heat up.  All of my pores and tiny scars happen to be in the area that gets red and flames up (cheeks and nose).  Sucks pretty bad, and I definitely have depressing ass days but I havent given up yet.  I am currently using a sulphur wash 1x a day to see if it helps with the (possible) rosacea/face flushing.  I think it has helped a little so far, only used for like 1.5 weeks but they seem to be less frequent.  I throw on lotion with 70 spf in the am and cetaphil after cleansing at night.  I also take this collagen supplement that I bought of gnc online that many people said helped their scars and filled out their face.  Before that I was taking vitamin C supplements because they boost collagen as well. I also take tumeric supplements and some stuff for my stomach orally.  

Wonder if this sounds familiar to any one or anybody has experienced progress?   I was def gonna look at dermastamping and using vitamin C serum later on ( waiting cause of accutane obviously).  Can I start using the vita C serum earlier though?  Should I?  

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Posted 28 July 2015 - 11:54 AM

I finally ordered a couple Osmosis products. My husband is getting a lot of over time and my birthday is coming up so I asked him to buy them or me :P They are on the way, should be here in a few days. I talked to the founder of the company on Linkedin, told him my story, and he recommended I try Catalyst AC-11 and Clear. He said I should see 30-50% improvment and maybe even more after 3 months. I talked to a woman who had laser damage who said it helped her pitted scarring almost right away so there's got to be something to it. My scars are so shallow that it seems almost any improvement would just about level them out. I also have some discoloration and the Catalyst is supposed to help with that as well. I will let you guys know if it helps me. After having just about no progress these past 8 months I'll take any kind of improvement. Here's hoping.

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