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How ya feelin' about your acne today?

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Posted 13 April 2014 - 01:00 PM

.....still not 100% clear...however I have accepted that FACT!!! My face still breaks out every now and then but not that much severe....

The bad thing though is that my chest and back are breaking out BAD..... I really do not know but it just happened... I'm using a soap with sulfur+salicylic acid+zinc oxide to help control it..... I'm just trying hard to ignore it so I won't pick and maybe it'll go away?????


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Posted Yesterday, 12:23 AM

Accepting it is always good I think, MgX


I am feeling better, recovering after a bad breakout last week which was my fault. I'm running out of my topical and don't have a new prescription so I stopped using it all over and only as a spot treatment, well obviously I can't be doing that. As a result I used it twice a day for a few days and my breakout is clearing, I just need to be a bit more sparing. I have a trial size of dan's BP to use after I run out of my prescription at least.

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Posted Yesterday, 12:46 AM

Looking up; go the doc change my Rx to tretinoin instead of differin. He initially didn't want to give it to me..how sad when you have to bully doc's to get what you want...

Seems to be making a difference without the same side effects. Helps that i've had some time off, but its never enough.I'm bored and lonely.






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Posted Yesterday, 10:19 AM

So so low, my chin is an absolute mess, I can't bear to go out or let anyone see my skin. I cry everyday. It's ruining my life and all doctors say is it's 'mild' so most treatments they won't give me. Going to see another tomorrow and see if some antibiotics might help get over this massive everlasting breakout. I look and feel so ugly x

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