How ya feelin' about your acne today?

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I have to say, that having suffered with acne since age 12 (I'm in my forties now), all the maintenance, trips to the derm, always looking for a better product, sunblock, etc., always having had people comment on my skin, especially insensitive family members . . . it's certainly taken its toll me.  I'm worn out by it.  It has added greatly to my anxiety.  Sure, bp has helped greatly over the years.  But when I've been ill, or just couldn't sleep, bp has never worked.  Anytime I've been in school or had to be up early for work, bp has also been ineffective.  I've actually had to use blue light therapy for an extra boost or instead of bp.  I'm tired of putting something sticky on my face, worrying about bleaching my clothes.  I still apply the basic principles of the regimen, the gentleness and spreading bp evenly over my whole face.  I'm just sick and tired of the emphasis on superficial looks.   I also come here when I'm feeling down, not just for my face but in general.  I'm glad this site's still here.

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